9 tips to make your garden perfect for entertaining

Having a lovely garden isn’t just about relaxing surrounded by flowers and greenery on your own. Even though many of us seek peace and quiet in our backyards, it’s equally beneficial to spend a couple of fun hours in the garden with people close to us.

Your garden could be so much more than just an open space covered with flowers and greenery. It is a perfect place for entertaining guests, where everybody can have a great time, admiring the surroundings and reconnecting with nature.

A couple of garden improvements and tricks will turn your simple garden into a place of fun and enjoyment.

1. The fun starts on the patio

First things first – to encourage gatherings and frequent visitors, you need to add additional space to your garden. A patio is the best way to add another layer to the surroundings, making it more stylish. It will give you the opportunity to add style to space through the choice of chairs and table, as well as the decorative items you’ll throw around. Lively colors, elegant vases, quirky pillows and unique seating is what will attract visitors to hang out in the garden and enjoy every minute of it.

Another advantage of a patio is that you can place a rolling bar cart or a built-in cooler on it. That way, your guests won’t have to bother much if they want another drink – everything is within their reach – fun guaranteed!

2. Be in the zone – but have a few of them!

Even small gardens can have several zones for different purposes. A careful plan before you start the project will ensure each inch square is maximally utilized. So, no one says the dining and cooking outdoor space should be close to your back door. You can have a small breakfast table just next to the house, while the barbecue and the dining area can be further away, tucked in a cozy corner. You could also place two chairs under a tree and create a cute hideaway for those who seek privacy.

That way, you’ll enable your guests to wander around the garden and change locations depending on what they want to do.

3. Hide in the shade but don’t hide the excitement

Various outdoor structures can help you define separate areas and simultaneously protect you from direct sunlight. Think about trellises, pergolas and arbors. They will all add height to the area, as well as provide comfortable shade and make a smooth transition from one designated area to another. You can raise the bar by building larger structures, such as a gazebo or even a summerhouse. They create a sense of luxury because your guests will get the impression they are in a separate room within the garden. Not to mention the level of protection from precipitation, wind and heat.

Here’s what’s also great about these structures – they allow you to grow climbers on them, for example, honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine or clematis. They all look beautiful, smell charmingly and add vibrant colors to the structure.

4. Pretty materials do matter

The smart move is to consider your outdoor entertainment space as an extension of your indoor space. This works great for small houses, too, because it gives them valuable additional space when it’s necessary. What does this actually mean?

Well, in short, it means using materials that have been used indoors, especially when it comes to flooring. The same goes for colors – it will create a sense of comfort in your guests. Classic timber is what’s usually used for the patio but you can also consider tiles and paving stones, especially if you build a covered outdoor room. Materials your furniture is made of will also help to set the tone so be careful which furniture you’ll choose. Just make sure you opt for durable and high-quality materials – you don’t want having to restore the space after a short while because everything has started looking shabby after all those parties.

5. Greenery for your guests to be green with envy

A garden offers endless opportunities for landscaping and decorations. The great thing about decorating your garden and creating a perfect landscape is that there are many DIY tutorials which will help you express your creativity and have a great time. What’s even better, you can invite your friends to a DIY party, where you will make them a nice meal and then you can enjoy together while working on your DIY project.

For starters, you can go for a tropical look, which is easy to maintain because tropical plants don’t drop their leaves but look lush and wild. Plant a couple of them around the garden and simply watch them thrive. Another option is a rock garden with a creative garden edging – a couple of people can do it in a day without getting too tired. You can plant succulents in the garden, which will create a lovely contrast with the stones.

On the other hand, an edible garden requires more of your time but weeding and picking fruits is something that can be done in a group. After you’re done, you can all sit comfortably and enjoy eating what you’ve picked.

Just don’t forget to create focal points. They will attract your guests’ attention and create admiration. Fountains or sculptures work best in this role. Of course, simple potted plants spread around the garden will have a similar effect, just as long they are vivid and unique.

6. Have your own Waterworld

A party is complete if there’s a pool to swim in or a spa to drink your wine in it, right? Pools are perfect if some of your parties include teenagers and kids but the truth is – everybody loves them. What’s more, the water reflection will make space look bigger, so don’t be afraid to build a pool if you have a small garden.

Spa pools are perfect for the winter season – you and your guests can be warm in the tub, chatting and drinking booze and not caring about the cold. There are various hot tub options, meaning there are affordable options for anybody.

Of course, smaller water features like a fountain or a pond also add to the magic even though you can’t really dive into them. The sound of water is known to be relaxing, so a cute fountain will be just enough to enjoy its soothing sound. A pond is always a lovely addition if you don’t have a budget for a pool or a hot tub. It will make the surroundings more natural, inviting people to sit near it and enjoy quietly.

7. Make the party hot

An outdoor kitchen or at least a simple barbecue is necessary if you want your guests to be properly fed and happy. Being able to cook outside allows all of you to join the process, cook together while chatting and having a laugh. There are so many options today – you just need to choose which option suits you and your garden best. From pizza ovens and fire pits to big gas barbecues, food smoker and complete outdoor kitchen – only the sky is the limit! You can have a regular fridge, a wine fridge, a large countertop – in short, you can create the feeling of being indoors while simultaneously breathing fresh air. A fire pit will not only allow you to serve hot food but it will also provide heating on the colder days, allowing you to entertain guests no matter the season.

Additional tip: make sure the materials and colors create a connection to the indoor kitchen. If possible, plant a herb wall near the cooking area or keep potted herbs close. You’ll have easy access to them while cooking.

8. Cozy seating – happy guests

A comfortable, stylish garden lounge is what attract people to your garden. Whether they are placed on the patio, on the lawn or under a tree, they really serve as ultimate relaxing furnishing. As mentioned before, the choice of materials is wide – you just need to consider materials that are both endurable, comfortable and that they reflect the overall style of the outdoor space. Have in mind that if you have separate sitting areas in the garden, you don’t have to match them all. Just make sure they are complementing. If you don’t know about it ask Leander garden care experts.

Additional tip: A cool thing would be to get quirky seating that is easily movable. Many guests enjoy being able to sit in the area they find most attractive, so allow them to sit and relax wherever they want by having light, easily movable seating.

9. Light up the fun

If you want a magical evening and a party that lasts until late hours, then lighting is the next thing you should focus on. First of all, you need to shed light on stairs and pathways to ensure the safety of your guests. You will also need functional lighting for cooking and then you can turn your attention to creating a dreamy ambiance.

Candles, fairy lights and lanterns are an obvious choice but it doesn’t mean they are any less effective. Spread the lanterns across the lawn, decorate the trees with fairy lights and use candles to shed light onto the dining table. In case you don’t have a lawn for the lanterns, you can place them in pots and place them wherever you feel is appropriate, like a balcony or a patio.

There is also a new type of lights you could try out – downlighters, uplighters and spotlights are great for highlighting specific features in the garden, like statues and water features.

Lastly, make most of your lighting solar-powered so that you don’t have to create a mess with numerous extension cables.

In the end – just have fun

If you make an effort to add these elements to your garden, you will definitely be able to throw memorable parties throughout the whole year. A lot of comfort and space, numerous features and a touch of magic is what makes garden parties perfect. Get it done as soon as possible and enjoy your personal heaven with your friends and family.

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