5 Ways to Play Your Favorite Games and Still Study Well

There are a multitude of things that stand between a student and academic achievements. Numerous studies on the effects of things like drug abuse, negative peer pressure, and even detrimental family backgrounds. All of these are shown to have a negative impact on the academic performance of learners. In the digital age, a couple of detractors emerged that have a similar negative impact on academic performance. Internet addiction and video games joined the list of Academic Impediments in many colleges joining the likes of grief, depression, stress, and alcohol as detractors of academic performance. Does that mean playing video games is bad for students?

A psychologist wrote on Psychology Today that college students, while they look like adults, do not have a fully functional frontal cortex. Why is this important, you may ask? Well, among other things, the frontal cortex is responsible for controlling memory, motor function, problem-solving, sexual behavior, language, judgement, and impulse control. Yes, that part of the brain that’s not fully developed in college students plays a huge role in judgement and impulse control. It turns out college students are more likely to binge on video games, even when they have a looming deadline on their assignments compared to adults who have fully developed frontal cortexes. If the psychologist concluded the article there, it would summarily answer the question “Are video games good for you as a student?” with a resounding no.

Luckily the article continues, and it doesn’t warn students to stop enjoying the world of gaming. While gaming addiction can end a promising academic future, leading a student to pick up a part-time job delivering pizzas while living on his parent’s couch, there are some things you can do to avoid that stark fate, even if you’re an avid gamer.

Balancing Gaming with Education

There’s one way you can balance gaming and education. Balancing the two so that gaming doesn’t take all of your time so that you never have time to study, or even over studying to the point where you don’t have time to enjoy yourself. Prioritizing activities in your academic life helps you balance between gaming and education.

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Learning to control your impulses and paying attention in class makes you a much better student. You also get the time to enjoy video games without falling back on your studies. However, there are times when you simply cannot make a grade, even when you’ve not wasted your time gaming. It is wiser to contact writing essay service if you have an essay due in a couple of hours and you know you cannot make the deadline. With free essays examples, you can complete your assignment without missing a deadline.

Master the Art of Self-Control

With self-control, you are better equipped to prioritize things and activities in your life. Remember, you are enrolling in college with a frontal cortex that’s still developing. That means you have to make the conscious effort to act deliberately and rationally. When a spontaneous feeling to grab the gaming console and play a few hours of Battlefield comes up, you need to consciously stop yourself and tend to more pressing matters such as finishing an essay.

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That’s the first rule of game science. Make a conscious effort to tend to pressing matters and only when you are done, enjoy a couple of hours playing your favorite game. You can even make the conscious effort to play educational video games to better improve your academic performance.

Pay Attention in Class

Next, you want to pay extra attention in class. When the lecturer walks in, make sure you listen keenly, take handwritten notes, and actively participate in class. Participate in recitations and even join a study group. The purpose of all these exercises is to ensure that when you have the chance to study, you make the most of it. Listening in class, while other students daydream throughout the lectures or chat on their phones, yes that happens more often than not, you get to understand the materials taught right there and then.

Ask Questions in Class

Asking questions further clarifies your understanding such that when you review the information later on, you are already familiar with it. You also get to know the areas your tutor emphasizes such that your lone study sessions are focused on these areas. Doing these things gives you an upper hand in that you don’t have to spend numerous hours at the library trying to work out what was taught in class.

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Jeff Blaylock is an avid gamer and spends his free time exploring online gaming rooms and writing for https://samedaypapers.com/essays-maker. His favorite video games are Call of Duty, Battle Field and Fortnite. Blaylock doesn’t spend every waking minute playing video games though. He learnt to keep his impulses in check and he actually spends a lot of time helping students better manage their time as well as exploring the world around him.

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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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