Top 5 Movies About Gambling

There are some movies that have a central theme of gambling, while others use a casino as a setting. Others seem to find the complexities of a card game the perfect activity to reveal something big. No matter what it is that draws in the gambling aspect to a film, many have a way of doing so tastefully. This is why the best of these movies should be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Hollywood has a variety of movies about gambling and casinos in general. Narrowing down those movies to just 5 is a harrowing task, but the list below contains the best of the best. If you’re searching for a movie to watch as you play your most trusted online casinos for real money, these movies entertain.


Jim Sturgess plays Ben, an MIT student struggling to find the funding for Harvard School of Medicine. His professor sees his brilliance with numbers and invites him into his secret group: a team of genius students that count cards. Between the need for money and a beautiful girl, Ben joins. The group spends weekends counting cards and winning it big until greed worms its way in and things get messy. 21 is a film that shows the rise and fall of those that gamble one too many times.


Casino is a 1995 film in which Sharon Stone won a Golden Globe. The movie, set in the early 1970s, depicts the relationship between Las Vegas Casinos and the Mafia. The Mafia would skim money from casinos prior to reporting dollar amounts for tax purposes. The ‘how’ is all part of the fun in the highly praised Scorsese film.

Casino also shows Robert DeNiro as Frank Rothstein, a character based on Frank Rosenthal. Rosenthal’s experience in Las Vegas largely inspired the film. He claimed that DeNiro’s performance had some similarities to his own personality, rating it a 7/10.

Ocean’s Eleven

Like many movie series, the first is the best. Ocean’s Eleven is the story of Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, who has recently been released from prison. He meets up with an old friend and plans a big heist on multiple Las Vegas casinos. By recruiting various other people to join in on the plan, the group reaches 11 involved, hence, Ocean’s Eleven.

While this film is not about actual gambling so much as the heist, it does show a good view of the security within Las Vegas Casinos. Stealing from them is not likely to occur in real life, but the movie world shows the amount of planning that would be necessary. Casinos are incredibly secure.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is just one of many in the James Bond series, but it is one that stands out as a crowd favorite. Set in Montenegro, this film offers a different view on gambling away from Vegas. Alternatively, the film’s focus is more on the spy aspect than the casino itself. However, the tools of Bond’s trade work in his favor when it comes to discovering his opponent’s tell. A spy in the world of gambling makes for an interesting watch and offers something to learn.


Perhaps the lesser known of the 5 on this list, Rounders is a quality film starring Matt Damon. Mike McDermott (Damon) had given up his gambling problem and is focusing on law school. That is until a friend needs his help. In an effort to pay off loan sharks and get his friend out of trouble, McDermott takes to playing high stakes poker once more.

This particular film was created as though it was a sports film, but there is no football here. Rather, the game is Texas Hold ‘Em. Rounders is for poker fans, which was made especially clear when the sport picked up and the movie followed in its footsteps. Even so, it is a gambling movie worth watching.

There are more gambling and casino related movies than most people can count. Narrowing down those thousands into a few is a challenge that is subjective, but the five movies listed above are entertaining. While these films depict a bit more gambling, they also inspire. Few people make it as big as those characters in the movie do, but they can make people dream to make money, too.

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