The Music Production Skills You Need as an Independent Producer

Producing music independently is not a walk in the park. To be able to come up with excellent music and sound that will appeal to music lovers from all walks of life, you need a few music production skills to get the work done. You can develop the skills over time.

Music Production and What You Need

Good music producers know that you need more than just an excellent hearing to produce music. You probably have some experience with a few software and to direct a few music pieces, but it does not mean that you automatically become a good producer. To remain relevant in your production skills, you need that extra zest to learn and to perfect your craft. Only then you can stay relevant over the years.

So, whatever you might have learned at different points in your producing career, is almost never enough. Ideas keep coming up, people keep growing and maturing, and so does their taste in music. This means that having the basic skills to produce music in itself is a requirement to start being a producer.

It cannot be reiterated enough that to excel in this field you need to have a love for music, a right listening ear and the ability to differ a good music from bad one, which is not something that everyone can do. You also need to have a few creative skills in your sleeves, because that is the best way you can combine the different skills you learn into making and producing music for people to enjoy. Do not be dismayed, though. Being a music genius is mostly inherent in a person’s abilities.

Being a great producer is an opportunity to discover talents that may not have been obvious before and it gives you the chance to be an excellent producer who is unique.

Core Skills you Need to Excel as a Music Producer

  1. Healthy love and respect for the integrity of the music

To be successful in the music production career, your dedication has to be driven by passion and interest in music. This love should drive you to want to learn everything you can about the music, you intend to work on. Get different records and listen critically long enough to be able to dissect any production moves that may be apparent in the record. This way, you will be able to decipher the elements of good music production and a poor one. Once you can do that, you are well on your way to knowing what works and what doesn’t in music production.

  1. Be conversant with music production hardware and software

To excel as a music producer, you need to have enough knowledge of the usage of music production equipment and software. You should master each of the tools available to you. One way you can do that is to invest in a home studio. Get a few types of equipment that can help you to polish up your skills. A background in music engineering comes handy in these instances.

Getting yourself a Digital Audio Workstation is paramount and the mastery of this software is of the utmost importance. You should have the know about plugins and how they can be manipulated to get what you want out of it. Especially in online music production, having these plugins mastered can pave the way to you being able to maximize the use of all of them to get the best out of the music.

  1. Have knowledge of production theory

Some people think all they need to do is to sleep in a studio and then all of a sudden, they are good enough to produce music. Good knowledge of music theory is a great baseline for you to build the rest of your skills in music production on. Learn about music arrangements, acoustics, digital audio and analog audio production, synth programming and equalization. A knowledge of these items can boost your other music production skills faster.

  1. Practicing, practicing, practicing

The practice is what makes a good musician. Experiment as much as possible with your equipment and your DAW as much as possible. You could go through the entire process of writing, composing, recording, arranging, editing, mixing and mastering several times. Be enthusiastic enough to do this several times over until it comes easily to you. The more you do it the better you become.

  1. Develop relationships

As a solo music producer, you need a few music geniuses on speed dial to bounce ideas off of, learn from and to share ideas and experiences. Gather a small community of music lovers like yourself and invite them to your working process. Get mentors both far and near who can have a direct and indirect influence on the music you create. Having a community of such people not only pushes you to be better but encourages you to keep going.

Music is versatile. After you have mastered all these skills you will be able to develop your own style and signature, allowing you to stay relevant in your circles and beyond. Have you tried boosting your music production career? How is it going for you? Share your experiences below.

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