Whole House Generator Reviews – How to pick whole home generators

Whole house generators provide amazing benefits to your home. If you lose power due to a power outage, extreme weather or even something more serious like an earthquake then a whole house generator will be able to provide invaluable support.

Whole house generators are connected to your home’s power supply and can even come on automatically to provide continuous power to your appliances. Unlike a portable generator, a whole house generator will offer more power and thus will be able to power everything in your home.

Well, it will if you buy the right whole house generator for your home anyway. Just like with portable generators whole house models come in a variety of different forms and have varying power levels. There are many different sizes, brands and fuel types to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a whole house generator so let’s look at what you need to focus on in more detail.

The Fuel Source

You have more limited options when it comes to the fuel for whole house generators when compared to the types available for portable models. Your main options are natural gas, diesel, and liquid propane.

Each type of fuel will require tanks for storage and you will need to get them properly installed into your home so they connect to your home’s power lines. While each type of fuel does have its own benefits all three options are perfectly viable.

You will need to consider how readily available the fuels are in your location as well. Certain types of fuels are more easy to find than others depending on where you live so make sure you take that into account.

The Generator Size

Whole house generators are big machines but there is still some variation in the sizes available. The more powerful the generator the bigger (and more expensive) it will be so the best way to work out how big of a machine you need is to define how much power you need to power everything in your home.

If you are looking for some general advice generators in the 27-36 kW range will be enough for most homes. You also need to ensure you have enough space to safely contain/ house the generator and ensure the fumes will be well ventilated.  

Main Features

Whole house generators can include a lot of different features but the main feature to look out for in my opinion is an ATS or automatic transfer switch. With one of these, your generator will automatically power on when it detects a power failure. It’s an undeniable useful feature for a whole house generator.

Finally, Look At Reviews

The cost, sizing & reviews for a full house generator you are interested in should all be examined before you make a purchase. So, make sure you examine reviews carefully to find out more detailed information. The best resource to use for generator reviews is Best Generators.org, they have in-depth information and reviews for all kinds of generators including whole house models.

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