Social Media Marketing For Musicians: Pros and Cons

It started slowly until it became part and parcel of our daily lives.

Currently, the estimated number of social media users is 3.484 billion people around the globe and the number is expected to grow even more. In fact, social media has transformed the way businesses are conducted. Business can now enjoy endless benefits with a perfectly executed social media strategy.

Usually, social media helps businesses and companies to attract new prospects and promote their products or services.

Equally, musicians can use social media marketing to attract new fans and grow their reach. Nevertheless, social media marketing can work against this and that’s exactly why we will share the pros and cons of social media marketing for musicians.

Despite the fact that social media has attracted billions of users people expect to see more than meets the eye when it comes to musicians social media profiles.

Continue reading to learn the tips for successful social media marketing strategies for musicians before we explore the pros and cons as shared by the social media expert at EssayGeeks.

Importance of Executing a Powerful Social Media Strategy for Musicians

  • Increased exposure

  • Increased relationship building

  • Make more money

  • Interact with fans in a personal manner.

Undeniably, musicians can benefit a lot from social media marketing given that there are:

  • There are 38 billion monthly active users on Facebook

  • There are 1 billion active users in Instagram every month

  • And 150 million Pinterest users every month

The statistics show that social media is a huge playground for musicians to interact with their fans and increase their audience tremendously.

If you are a musician looking to give your social media marketing strategy a boost, keep reading.

Tips for a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Musicians

·        Set Your Goals and Objectives

According to Charles Jenin, a music instructor and a contributor to the review blog, setting solid goals and objectives is one of the best things for musicians who want to kick start a social media strategy.

After all, without clear goals and objectives, what outcome would you expect?

Having strong goals will enable you to know whether you are meeting them or you need to change your tactics.

Write down your goals and stick to them.

Nevertheless, ensure to set achievable goals and split them into smaller attainable steps.

·        Find out About Your Audience

Here, you will need to research and learn more about your audience. People want to connect and engage with you so that they can trust and listen to your music. Connecting with your fans could help you make more money.

John Andrew the author of the review article argues that before you connect and engage with your audience on social media, you must know who they are in detailed. You must be able to understand what songs they love in order to create a successful social media marketing strategy.

To understand your audience:

·        Survey them to understand what content they need

·        Understand their demographics

·        Engage them by replying to their comments on your social media pages

·        If you have a blog respond to their comments

You will be in a better position to produce songs they love if you know who they are. They want to be sure that they are listening to something that helps them and not someone who is just after making money. Understand how they interact with different social media platforms so that you can tailor your strategy to them.

·        Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Of course, there are plenty of social media platforms but not all will work to your advantage. Since you have researched and found the platforms your fans spend most of their time interacting with, create strong accounts to connect with them.

·        Create Awesome Content

You have set solid goals and you have a clear plan. Whether you are promoting your new song or you want to increase your fan base, you should create awesome content your audience will like and share. If you are creating content for the sake of keeping your account active, then don’t wait for results.

You need to understand the purpose of each social media platform and create content tailored to your audience.

In fact, a good rule of thumb is to understand the social networks that work best for you and stick to creating and posting content on those channels.

If you create awesome content, you will get more people commenting and sharing it, hence attracting more followers. The best essay writing services 2019 use social media to share great content that’s why they have managed to appear in the list of the best companies. As a musician, you can use this strategy to increase your awareness.

·        Don’t be Salesy

Well, the goal of every musician is to attract a huge following and make money out of it, but don’t make your audience know that money is what drives you to engage with them on social media. People don’t want you to sell to them what you have; they want to build a strong connection and relationship with you. Rest assured, if they trust you, they will definitely buy from you. So, don’t force them to buy but prioritize on building connections and lasting relationships and money will come your way.

The best way to avoid being salesy is to post helpful and useful content that your audience will want to read and then lead them through the purchase route.

·        Create Video Content

When it comes to social media marketing, video content rocks. It can attract a huge following than you might think. You could use the Facebook Live Video feature to connect with your audience in a real way. This way, your followers and fans can ask questions so you can answer them in the comments. This builds trust since they see you as a caring musician and can bring more results.

·        Create Attention-Grabbing Images

This one is a no brainer. People are attracted to beautiful images and so you should create images that your followers and fans will want to look at every time.

These days, there are plenty of tools you can use to create mind-blowing images by yourself for instance, you can use Canva or Picmonkey to create images that grab your audiences’ attention. If your budget allows you to outsource your image creation, do it.

Ensure to create a stunning image for:

·        Your cover photo on each platform you have an account on

·        Your posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and more.

  • Use Analytics

As a rule, you should always have tools that will enable you to know how far you’ve gone with your social media marketing as a musician. Luckily, most social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have analytics tools to help you in that. Use these valuable tools to know how your fans are consuming your content, what is working and what needs to be changed in your strategy, and etc.

Having learned that, let’s explore the pros and cons of social media marketing for musicians.

Pros of Social Media Marketing For Musicians

  1. Social Media Improves Your Visibility

As you have seen on the statistics above, you can clearly tell that by getting active on social media, most people will get to know about you and hence becoming your fans or followers. These days, people rely on social media to know more about businesses and brands. That means if they know of your existing, they will head over to social media to learn more about your music.

  1. Social Media Can Build Trust and Relationship With Your Audience

By creating content that your audience can consume and reply to their comments on social media, you create a strong and lasting relationship with your target them. It’s the best avenue to interact with your audience to learn more about their likes and dislikes.

  1. Social Media Increases Your Reach

Numbers don’t lie. Having a huge following on social media means that when you share your music, for instance, a video clip on Facebook or Instagram and it is shared by your followers, it tends to reach other many people who didn’t know about it and they may like your work. By the time you know, your video clip has reached a million views on YouTube.

Cons of Social Media Marketing For Musicians

  1. It Needs Patience

According to the UK writings review blog, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick approach, then social media is not your friend. To get people to follow, like and trust you, it will take time which means there is no instant ROI notwithstanding the fact that you will have to invest a lot of time and money. That happens across the board. Even for other businesses, social media marketing does not bring quick results, so you must be willing to wait no matter how long it will take.

  1. Social Media Marketing Can Be Costly

Although social media is a free marketing tool where you can share your video clips, post useful content and interact with your audience, as a musician you may not get the time to do all that. You will need to pay someone to do it for you and the cost could be high.

  1. Social Media Marketing Can Consume Your Time

To get better results, you must be ready to commit your time, effort, and money. The time consumed on social media marketing could bear much fruits if you were to dedicate it to some productive tasks.

According to social media experts who work with an assignment writing service in Australia, a musician must create content that people can consume, keep track of mentions, reply to comments, engage with the audience, and more to get better results.

We may not complete the list of the pros and cons of social media marketing for musicians but the ones we’ve explored above are the key ones. We hope this article will help you to know whether social media marketing works for you as a musician or not.

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