Know-how to Plan a Meet-Up

Among the larger population, there are many groups and subcultures that exist between people, and that also fosters a sense of community. These groups and subcultures are sometimes centred around things such as admiration for certain pop culture phenomenon such as TV shows, books and others, or around a certain lifestyle such as veganism, yoga, clean eating, and so on. Because these groups are not always mainstream or the dominant culture, their members are few and far in between and scattered across locations.

One of the common ways in which these members connect in real life is through meet-ups. Meet-ups involve people of certain subcultures coming together for a specific period of time to share ideas, interact, or simply to know one another. Planning a meet-up, however, is not always an easy task. There are many logistical factors that must be taken into consideration. If you are looking to set up a meet-up, consider the following steps:


There are a number of factors that will influence the type of venue that you choose for your meet-ups such as the number of people that will be attending, the nature of the meetup itself, and the activities that will take place. First, have everyone who will be attending RSVP by a certain date to confirm their spot and after that, visit websites such as VenueFinder to search for Leeds conference venues based on the seating capacity you will need.

Because meet-ups often involve people from various parts of a particular area, have everyone specify what area they will come from and then choose a venue that’s convenient for all to find their way to the venue so no one has to travel too far. Also, consider what activities you plan to engage in during the meet-up and make sure your venue allows for it and can provide for them. For example, if you intend to have a yoga meet-up that will involve physical activity, make sure the venue could accommodate exercise equipment.

Announce early

Meetups involve people from various walks of life, and not everyone will be able to make provision for a sudden meeting. To avoid anyone being left out, announce the date of the meet-up several weeks, if not months, ahead of time so that people may clear their schedule and make provision for that date.

Decide on the theme and activities

Meet-ups, by their very nature, cannot happen all the time, and as such, each meeting has to be well-utilized. Speak with all people who are to attend the meet-up and get a feel of the most important issues that they would like to take care of and all the activities they would most likely engage in. Upload a draft itinerary for all members of the group which will outline all the activities that are to take place and have them approve or make suggestions for changes. This way, everyone’s needs will be met.

Meet-ups are not easy to plan or execute, but with the right tools and guidance, it can be done. Follow the above steps to achieve your desired results.

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