INTERVIEW: Daniel Pinder

Hi Daniel, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been amazing! Thank you for having me.

How were you drawn into the acting world?

I actually never envisioned being an actor when I was younger. I grew up skateboarding and playing hockey but after fracturing my vertebrae skateboarding, my path shifted. I always loved movies and how film could connect with people emotionally so I set out on a new journey. I reached out to an agent in Chicago and I guess she saw something in me… I’ve been working with her ever since.

Was it easy for a kid from a small town?

Being raised in Fargo definitely made it a bit difficult, but I never let it hurt me. One thing I found out was that it wasn’t the small town that made it tough, it was the people in the small town. If you wanted to do something that wasn’t the “norm”, you were kind of immediately doubted or told “Good Luck” but that only made me want it more. It’s funny now because we are still talked about back home in Fargo, but there’s no doubt anymore.

What did you learn from your first TV gig? 

Working on Chicago PD with Dick Wolf’s team and the rest of the cast really taught me how much hard work and time actually goes into television. It was not only my first acting gig, but working on the show also acted as my first acting class. I never was in drama in school or took a real acting class before I landed my role of Michael on season one of the show, so this was the best class I could’ve taken. I worked closely with Patrick Flueger who also is from a small town in the Midwest and he shared some great advice that I still hold with me.

Was it easy to transit from TV to now film?

TV is different from film but to me I think when you’re playing a character, it isn’t that much different. I think the biggest difference comes down to one character you play for a couple months and another character you might be playing for a couple years consistently.

Let’s talk about Garrison 7 Universe – what was the audition process like?

The auditioning process for G7 was a fun and a unique process. I actually self-taped while living in Fargo and I auditioned about 3 different times. I remember on my third audition I heard nothing back from for about 5 months. I was out in New jersey when I received an email from the director (Scott Brewer) that he was in town from Australia and wanted to meet in Los Angeles. I flew back to LA and Scott offered me the role of Kai. I was stoked!

What can you tell us about your character Kai?

Kai is a unique young adult human struggling to find his own identity in the universe. Garrison and Kai have this special relationship that I know fans will love. There are many special things about Kai that I’m not able to share but it’s something that people in the sci-fi genre haven’t really seen before. I’m super excited to for everyone to meet him.

How much did you get to prepare for the whole Special Forces themes – did you get to chat with any real officer or how did you prepare for the role of Kai?

The whole special forces side is what really drew me to this project. My dad actually served in the Gulf War and graduated from the Military Academy at West point, where I was born. So there was not much to really prepare for as I was sort of raised around it my whole life.

YouTube star Andy Schrock recently joined the cast of G7, can you tell us about your friendship?

I couldn’t be happier about Andy coming onto this film.  Andy and I were both attached to the movie Paved New World that was originally at Disney before the project took a different direction. We both ended up exiting that film but continued to stay in touch as we wanted to work together. I was fortunate enough to introduce Andy to Scott Brewer and a few weeks later Andy joined the cast.

What else is happening next in Daniel Pinder’s world?

You can say I have a pretty awesome year ahead of me! Along with prepping for Kai in Garrison 7, I’m set to start filming on another film called Soul Drift which I’m really excited to start. I currently live in Minnesota and Soul Drift is doing some filming here so I’m happy to support the Midwest in that movie.  I also just signed with my new manager and friend Brad Lambert. Brad works with some insane talent like artist Bosslogic, professional soccer freestyler Indi Cowie and some other awesome people. I’m lucky to have in behind me and I just want to make him proud. Other than all of that, I’m going to do what makes me most happier and spend time living life with my family! Thank you again for having me and I cannot wait to have you all see what’s coming!

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