How Poker Went from Gambling to a Recreational Game Thanks to Social Gaming Apps

When you hear the word “poker”, the chances are that the first thing that pops into your mind is gambling. In fact, this is how it is for most people, but things are changing quickly, and poker can be played without actually having to bet money.

Gambling carries a stigma, but does this mean that these games have no value without the gambling part and the adrenaline involved with betting money?

Today we are going to explore this topic and show you how poker has changed and evolved into something completely different.

A short history of poker

The exact date and origin of this game aren’t known, but it is certain that the beginnings of poker are rooted in Persia, somewhere around the 16th century.

There are two older games similar to poker – “As Nas”, which originated in Persia, and “Primero”, a card game from Europe. The game evolved in Europe and its bluffing and betting elements spread to many other games.

In the 1700s, the French colonists brought a game called “Porque” to America and its name later changed to poker. During the mid-1800s, the rules which are still used today were adopted, and it was played with a deck of 52 cards.

During the 1900s, a new type of poker called Texas Holdem emerged and became the most popular type of poker.

Social gaming apps changing the game

Today in the digital 21st-century poker and its different variations are still very popular across the world. However, these games are now mostly played in the form of social gaming apps online.

Social gaming is a new form of playing games online through social media. These games involve multiplayer gameplay and different new mechanics that make them even more interesting.

These apps have also incorporated traditional gambling games, but these games have been changed one core thing – they no longer have the betting aspect. They are purely focused on having a good experience and enjoying playing a game with friends.

Gambling has a downside – social gaming apps don’t

As we know, gambling is illegal in most countries, and it’s illegal to play gambling games online. So, how can games like poker be played as social gaming apps?

Well, it might sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple – they aren’t gambling games. Social gaming apps have removed the betting element from these games.

Players don’t play with real money, and they don’t win money. They have credits or token which they earn through playing, and there is no actual cash involved.

This means that people don’t have to spend a cent, and in fact, these games have turned many gamblers into people who just enjoy playing live poker app games, nothing more.

Harmless fun on your phone

With the introduction of social gaming and the incorporation of these games, their reputation as solely gambling games has diminished. Players can now enjoy the game freely without the adrenaline and stress caused by investing lots of cash.

For a long time, many players simply didn’t want to play for real money, but they loved poker, and social gaming has given them this opportunity. You can instantly connect with friends and other players around the world and play your favorite game with no strings attached.

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You’ll still need your wits to win

Just because online poker doesn’t involve any money, it doesn’t mean that these games aren’t as exciting as their original counterparts. In fact, they are even more exciting, as players can now track their progress, play with other players with similar skills, and work on improving their rankings.

Players can now test their limits and see where they stand on the ranking board. They can also reach various milestones and duel their friends every day. Given the fact that these games are completely free and easily accessible, the competition has gotten even fiercer, and the emphasis is on competing and being the best.

This is how poker has evolved into a recreational game that people play for fun, and it’s no longer necessarily associated with gambling.

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