Coming Prepared to a Festival to Support Your Team

When you’re attending a large festival in order to sell your sports fan related wares, be it a music or arts festival or a general county fair that happens every summer season, you will undoubtedly want to be sure you bring along all of your favorite gear to show off to everyone. What better way to do this than to have a dedicated space to display everything for the world to see? Going into such a densely populated area will allow you the ability to really express yourself and your preferences will be seen, loud and clear, depending on how you show your stuff off. How you are able to present your tent right off the bat will tell people the quality of the products that you are selling, so you will really want to pull out all the stops to really get people’s attention.

If you don’t already have one, get your hands on a nice sized canopy or festival tent for your trip to the fair or festival that you’re hoping to sell your goods or to promote your team. Larger sized canopy tents can range from 10×15 canopies to 16×30 or even larger, depending on what you will be needing the canopy for. Will you be selling a whole lot of sports-related products? Are you just running a small side business as a passion project to do something you love? Or are you not even selling anything and just want to show off some of your college baseball fan items to passerby’s and talk about the good old days?

Whatever the reason you are at the fair with a gigantic canopy, there is a good reason for why you would want to invest in a dedicated space to sell at fairs, rather than just have all of your stuff splayed out garage sale style. First off, having a canopy means that you will have three walls and an open area if you choose a canopy tent option that covers all sides, save for the opening where customers can pop in. The walls and ceiling over all of your glorious stuff will protect them from getting damaged from direct sun exposure, less dirt will be kicked up on your merchandise, and if it rains, then you simply have to worry about shutting down the hatch on one side of the canopy tent. You will be completely covered until the rain passes, which will prevent any of your merchandise or valuable trophies from getting damaged by the elements.

Apart from being able to protect your favorite sports goodies, you will also guarantee a dedicated space to house all of your things. This allows you to set up tables within the tent in whatever way you want, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing layout. You can put up decorations related to your team, such as your team’s banners, or awards and plaques that you’ve won in the past. The inside of your tent will be yours to customize however you see fit. This lets people see how unique your tent is, when you’re able to really make it more personal and less plain and boring. Having things set up nicely also makes you appear more professional and as if you really care about the way you run your business, which makes people respect your tent more.

Another thing you can do within your tent is to clearly express any sort of movements or charities. If you are selling any merchandise for fundraising purposes you can seek out a more customized tent. Custom tents let you put whatever design you want on them, in order to really draw attention from people far and wide. Especially if you are supporting a well-known charity and you have that charity’s approval to use their logo in your efforts, you can make a custom tent that hosts that logo and any other logos you would like to represent within your business.

Baseball fans everywhere will be curious as to what you are really trying to sell them and will be attracted to your tent from afar using an eye-catching sign in conjunction to a custom tent. If you’re able to set up a tasteful design right off the bat and present your business with self-respect, then people will be attracted to that confidence and it will inevitably lead to either more sales or, in the least, a good conversation.

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