Portugal Welcomes Tourists from the UK: Passports Won’t Be an Issue, No Matter the Brexit Outcome

Great news for UK residents that planned on spending their vacations on the continent as Portugal announces the opening of special passport control lanes for UK flights. Since the situation with Brexit remains unresolved, and the final outcome is unpredictable, Portugal has decided to plan ahead and offer special deals to UK tourists so that they wouldn’t have to go through any unnecessary discomforts.

One of the possible consequences of Brexit is a different treatment of visitors with an EU passport in EU countries. This policy would cause numerous issues for UK tourists and probably turn away many of them from planning their holidays on the continent. Luckily, Portugal isn’t planning on treating UK tourists differently, no matter the outcome. Visitors from the UK will be met greeted on special passport control lanes and would qualify for all emergency medical treatment if needed. Portuguese health service will still treat UK tourists, regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Besides this, Portugal will offer special, less demanding, requirements for UK tourists’ pets. Since tourists from the UK are more than welcome in Portugal this summer, let’s talk about entertaining and enchanting places to visit in Portugal.

Places to Visit in Portugal

If you are planning to spend your vacation relaxing in the sun, drinking cocktails, having fun to the sound of live music, Portugal has a lot to offer. First of all, this country has many gorgeous beaches that look like a photographer’s wildest dream. You can visit Praia de Benagil, Praia de Miramar, Praia da Ursa, Praia de Marinha, or Praia Dona Ana. Whatever of these beaches you chose, you won’t go wrong. They are all great for heavenly relaxation from work, tension, and hectic life. They will make you forget your worries. Now, let’s talk about entertainment! If you like glamourous entertainment, you probably already know what is the world’s largest casino. But did you know that the biggest European casino is in Portugal, the huge Casino Estoril? Besides, Portugal has a lot of great nightclubs to offers such as Lux, Lust in Rio, Musicbox, and Ministerium Club.

However, one can’t simply travel to Portugal without visiting some of its historical sites and museums that hold centuries of European history. A beautiful way to start the exploration of Portugal’s cultural monuments would be by visiting Convento de Cristo monastery in Lisbon. This remarkable structure glows with a rich history, divine beauty, and mystical charm.

Since you are already in Lisbon, you can visit Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, one of the most beautiful examples of Manueline architecture. There is a tomb of Vasco da Gama inside this famous structure. This site is not only one of the mandatory tourist destinations in Portugal but also in Europe.

After visiting Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, you could spend a few hours exploring Torre de Belém, one of the symbols of Lisbon. This fort dates back to the early 16th century and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous tower was designed by Francisco de Arruda, a military architect.

Ancient and Medieval Historical Monuments: the Foundation of an Inspiring History

One of the most famous sanctuaries in Portugal is Bom Jesus do Monte, a medieval site that dates back to the 14th century. Since 1970 Bom Jesus do Monte is classified as Property of Public Interest. This enchanting landmark is some kind of Portuguese Olympus, and if you are visiting Portugal, it’s more than worth your time. But if you really want to enrich your knowledge of the ancient history on this peninsula, you have to visit Silves Castle, a breathtaking fortification that dates back to 201 BCE.

From its western coast and heavenly beaches to the glorious religious monuments and sublime historical structures, Portugal emerges as one of the proud European cultural capitals. As you lay your foot on Portuguese ground you find yourself so indecisive; it’s so hard to choose which place to visit first. Should it be Silves Castle, Palácio Nacional de Mafra, or Castelo de São Jorge? Well, whatever you choose, it doesn’t matter if you still find time to pay your respect to the cultural monuments such as Sé cathedral and Roman Temple of Évora, Castelo de Guimarães, Castle of the Moors, University of Coimbra, and, of course, the National Palace of Pena. Portuguese turbulent early history granted Europe some of the most beautiful fortifications and castles, and love and strive for knowledge enriched Europe with one of the oldest universities.

Portugal is a true place of wonder; from the point of view of a tourist, it’s a place where relaxation and entertainment meet divine architectural achievements — the monuments of rich history. When you lay your eyes on what Portugal has to offer, you can’t but stop and wonder about all historical events that lead to all of these monumental creations. You get inspired to learn and find out more about this country’s legacy and achievements as well as their everlasting contribution to world culture. Finally, you find yourself realizing that all of this cultural richness would never exist if it wasn’t for unique, strong, inspired spirit of Portuguese people and their beautiful language — a place where all of this glory was born.

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