4 Tips to Feel Confident on Stage

If you get a little nervous when thinking of getting up on stage, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Countless people, including seasoned performers, get nervous when preparing to give a big show. Whether it’s a coffee house writers round, or the biggest crowd you’ve performed for yet, prepare for show and know what to do if the nerves start creeping in ahead of time. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips and some advice from powerhouse artists to help you feel and perform your best.

“Try and focus solely on the music,” – Caroline Romano

Photo Courtesy of Caroline Romano

Caroline Romano​ is a 17-year-old pop artist on the rise, and she is truly wise beyond her years. “I think one of the best ways to feel confident on stage is to try and focus solely on the music. Music has the power to take us places outside of where we are in the moment. The audience, the lights, and everything else disappear when I let the lyrics and melody become the force that’s moving me,” she shared with us.

Caroline Romano is making huge waves as rising pop star with her catchy lyrics and incredible live vocals. She makes every performance her own, and she’s not afraid to be herself, “I like to look at performances the same way I look at writing songs in my bedroom. It’s just me and my music, and that’s all that matters!” she explains. You can hear her passion for music in her single, “Me and You” ​here​.

Try Natural Remedies Like CBD Oil

If you feel like taking a medicinal approach, some artists and performers turn to natural remedies and supplements, such as CBD oil, to help calm any pre-show jitters. Experts recommend many types of ​CBD oil for anxiety​, as it is shown to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and self-reported levels of anxiety.

I get my head in a space of gratitude for the moment, and that seems to clear any fear or doubt,– Alissa Griffith

Photo Courtesy of Alissa Griffith

Country singer/songwriter ​Alissa Griffith ​shares a unique perspective for finding her confidence on stage. She explains if you appreciate the opportunities at hand, you will simultaneously squash the doubt. She shares, “​Before I went on stage once, I was practically paralyzed with stage fright, and my brother (a former D-1 athlete) told me he wished he had known when it was going to be his last time on the field. If he had known, he would have enjoyed every living moment of it since it was what he truly loved more than anything.” she relates this principle back to her artistry and practices the art of gratitude to feel empowered, “Nowadays, I try to remember that this is what I absolutely love doing more than anything, so I try to just ​enjoyit. I get my head in a space of gratitude for the moment, and that seems to clear any fear or doubt. I’m up there doing what I love, so I give it my best, forget the rest, and just HAVE FUN!” Check out Alissa Griffith’s carefree and empowering new single, “Unfold” ​here​.

Dress for Success

If your audience thinks you look confident, then you have already won half the battle! Choose an outfit​ that shows off your personality, or add wacky ​accessories​ or bold ​jewelry​ to stand out from the pack and express yourself. If you love what you are wearing, it has been proven that you will feel happier, more confident and thus project these feelings to your audience to put on an unforgettable show.

When it comes to your big moment, don’t worry. Tons of people just like you have worked through their stage fright and become a better performer in the end. Take a risk and put yourself out there; you’ll be glad you did.

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