Introducing – DiscoTwitter (aka Jason Weintraub)

Introducing DiscoTwitter, one of the world’s hottest disco and funk DJs. His distinct musical vision is deeply rooted in classic sounds: emotive, uplifting and irresistibly rhythmic records from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s that went on to inspire the forefathers of house music. Jason Weintraub’s sets revolve around classic tunes and memorable moments, as he threads together sparkling gems from funk and disco history to reimagine and recreate the positive vibrations, love and freedom that these genres grew out of.

“My goal is to give people a piece of what disco did for a culture and an era, where it was all about letting your stress take a backseat and having a night that you’ll remember forever.”

Though he has a broad musical perspective, remaining acutely aware of contemporary trends, Jason’s love for music is founded in the lyrics, instrumentation and solos of early disco and funk, the authenticity and pure emotion that went into these influential and inspirational recordings. You might hear some all-time classics in his eclectic sets, but Jason’s aim is not to replay the most popular songs, or the most well-known, but to introduce audiences to hand-picked hidden gems that helped to define and shape the styles that so inspire him.

Check out our interview with DiscoTwitter below!

  1. Hi DiscoTwitter, welcome to VENTS! How have you been, and what have you been up to so far this month?

Thanks for having me! It’s been a very busy but exciting month! I’m preparing for my 2-month tour that will cover over 15 cities in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, and more! If you’ve never been to my show, expect the classics, disco gems that even your Shazam won’t be able to identify, and dancing ALL night. I’ve also released my remix of Ago’s “For You,” which is now on my Soundcloud ( and my latest mix for Osaka FM is climbing up the mixcloud charts! (

  1. You are quickly becoming one of the most recognized names within the Disco and Funk scenes. Where did your love for these genres begin?

It may have been the bass rhythms and the melodic horns and string sections that brought me in, but I was always amazed on how Disco and Funk were the foundations of so many different genres of music. Whether it was Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan creating House music with elements from it, the bass rhythms that were used to build upon most 80’s pop music, and even my mom telling me which disco samples were used in the 90’s hip hop songs we were listening to on the radio, no matter what I was listening to, it felt like It was all disco.

  1. What has been your favourite venue to play in so far in your career?

Playing at Maharaja in Osaka was my favorite because It was the first bigger venue I had played overseas. I play monthly on Osaka radio but it’s hard to feel the impact of my mixes and music because of the distance and language barriers. But when I played there and saw people singing every word to the songs, wanting to take pictures with me, and telling me they love my specific sound, it was one of my favorite moments in life.

  1. Where is somewhere you would love to play, and why?

I would love to spread disco goodness at a festival! Most of my shows are radio or bar/club centric. Just seeing the atmosphere, hearing the styles of multiple DJs, and celebrating an event of letting go and just having a good time, is exactly what I’d want to be a part of!

  1. What track, or tracks, do you currently have on-repeat?

I’ve been thinking of tracks that are must plays for me this tour and so far, it’s:

          Disco Circus – “Dig It”

          Stephanie Mills – “You Can Get Over”

          Armenta – “I Wanna Be With You”

  1. Who do you admire in the industry?

All DJs who advocate for other DJs because they believe in their sound and movement. It’s easy for DJs to put their friends onto an open gig but spreading love to other DJs you see doing something special is the best way for the industry to grow and reach new bounds.

  1. What advice would you give to emerging DJs?

It may sound cliché but if you have your own style, stick to it. It’s easy to conform and play what’s popular or what will get you more gigs, but if you have your own style and a fanbase who acknowledge and appreciate it, it’s so much more rewarding to them and yourself. You continue to grow and more importantly, never lose your true passion and inspiration while it’s happening.

  1. What would you say is a challenge that DJs face in 2019?

I feel like the industry is oversaturated and it’s hard to introduce new sounds and DJs. A lot of bars will hire models/musicians who DJ for extra cash and it’s easy to understand why brining in a celebrity is good for business, but it takes up the spots of new or growing DJs who have the ability to bring something unique and fresh to the industry.

  1. Do you have any plans to hit the road?

Do I?! I’m finalizing dates now and if you’re in US, Europe, and Japan, check out my website or social media to see when I’ll be visiting you in July-October.

  1. What else is happening next in DiscoTwitter’s world?

I’m currently working with bars and clubs to do free pop up shows while I’m on tour. It’s part of my “Disco Goodness Project” and it’s a passion project to bring a different kind of party and night to places that may not regularly play disco and funk or are hesitant. Everyone needs a night where they can dance and forget about all the stress in their life and if you’re interested in having a night like that at your bar, feel free to contact me and let’s make it happen!

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