Kids are highly prone to falling and hurting themselves when they’re out and about playing. At a young age, children struggle with constant falls while running around, as they’re still in a developing phase and need to improve on physical coordination. For kids who have high energy levels, you can never tell when they’d come back home weeping with cuts on one of their knees.

Many parents don’t prefer using allopathic medicines, like creams, that are full of chemical ingredients for their kids. Also, when we talk about a natural or homeopathic solution for bruises and soreness, arnica is one of the best all-natural first aid remedies. Arnica has a historical significance, that dates back to almost 100 years.

Arnica is a flowering plant with yellow flowers. The plant is typically found on mountains where they get the most favorable growth conditions. Even when used by ancient practitioners, arnica was used for its healing properties that provide relief from pain, swelling, and minor injuries. Today, you will have a good chance of finding many homeopathic creams that are made of arnica. While arnica is used for adults, it can also be used for kids as well.


Arnica, being one of the natural pain-relieving and healing agents, is entirely safe for children. However, when looking for an arnica cream for your kid, make sure you only buy a homeopathic or an herbal cream that doesn’t contain any additional chemicals that can be irritating, harmful, or have possible side effects. Arnica tablets can be used for kids if they’re homeopathic.

In fact, arnica is one of the medicinal plants that are quite popular for no recorded side effects. Again, if you’re using a homeopathic solution, the best thing about arnica extracts is that it’s diluted so that it doesn’t cause any side effects, even for a person who may be allergic to the medicine. An overdose or a drug interaction is also prevented when you use arnica tablets, which are made for micro-dosing.

However, if a high concentration of arnica is what you need when, you can also find various herbal creams, topicals, and arnica tablets that contain a higher concentration of arnica extracts. This is especially useful when you’re using arnica cream for topical application on a bruise.


If your child is too young, then it’s better to use an ointment; preferably, a kid-friendly ointment stick that makes the application easier. You can use Arnica ointment for bumps, bruises, swelling, or even minor injuries. Arnica acts quite quickly; and being a natural remedy, it doesn’t cause any side effects. Soon after you apply arnica cream to the sight of pain, swelling, or injury, you’d witness a soothing sensation.

For kids who are above the age of 10, arnica tablets can be a convenient option. Many kids of that age would never stop playing, despite being hurt. They might not be able to keep the cream in place for long or may get rid of the cream even before it gets absorbed. Thus, in such cases, it would be better to administer tablets


Arnica is only supposed to be used for bruises and minor injuries that don’t expose the skin or result in broken skin. Therefore, when using arnica gel, cream, or any other kind of topical treatment, first make sure that you’re only applying the medicine to the site after taking a look at the injury. For injuries that bleed, you can use arnica tablets to make the healing process faster than otherwise.

While arnica can be an amazing natural remedy for injuries, it is only for minor injuries. If your kid sustains any serious injuries, make sure you seek medical help immediately. Even if it is a minor injury, it is always recommended to clean the wound and apply an antibacterial first. Once that is done, you can use arnica tablets or an arnica gel (or cream) for a few days to reduce any swelling and pain.

While arnica tablets would rarely interact with any other medicines, it would still be a better idea to talk to a naturopathic or homeopathic practitioner before you plan to administer arnica tablets. Furthermore, as a rule of thumb, use half the recommended doses for adults, if you’re using the tablets for your little one. You can also discuss treatments with the health practitioner.

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