4 Less Known HBO Series to Watch After Game of Thrones

The winter has gone and Game of Thrones is over, at least the TV series part. In the meantime, the show became a sort of a decade’s symbol in the television industry.

Game of Thrones is so popular for a good reason. A storyline, initially written by George R. R. Martin in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel, is so thrilling that you just can’t get enough of each episode. The whole world has been standing still in anticipation of the grand finale, vainly wondering who will eventually rule Westeros.

This was probably one of the most intriguing riddles as of Spring 2019. Some enthusiasts even decided to place bets on this and make money. Here, for example, you could see relevant odds presented by several online casinos. People bet on the key characters including Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Tyrion Lannister.

However, Bran Stark was the one who had the best odds to win. And, indeed, he became the King of Westeros, although more than 60% of Esquire readers consider it the lamest conclusion.

At first glance, this seemed a lot like a roulette odds table. You may say it’s more similar to sports booking, but it’s not. Martin kills his characters so relentlessly that you fail to predict who will be kept alive and who won’t. He literally turns each book into a mercurial Russian roulette in which he is the one who holds the gun. It was also claimed that the finale of TV series is different from his books, so the fans will have one more chance to bet on the ruler.

Either way, Martin won’t finish the last two books in the nearest time, so there is no more brain food for now. But let’s remind ourselves the fact that Game of Thrones was made by HBO, the company known for making the best shows of all times. Aside from GoT, there are The Sopranos, The Wire, and Westworld in their arsenal.

You likely knew all of those before. So instead of advising you them for the hundredth time, we review some of less known but not less fascinating HBO series you might watch after GoT comes to an end.

  1. Carnivale (2003)

Carnivale is too weird even for an HBO show, but this weirdness is what makes it unique. Don’t even try to look for anything similar, you’re not gonna find it.

So what does make it weird? From first sight, it’s a TV series about the traveling circus set during the Great Depression. The main character, a teenage farm boy Ben Hawking, struggles to make ends meet by being a carnival’s handyman. The carnival features several odd members like conjoined twins, a dwarf, and a quadriplegic fortune teller, but that was pretty common for any traveling circus of those times.

Things go weird when Ben starts suffering from bizarre dreams and eventually reveals his healing powers. On the other side of the country, Methodist minister Justin Crowe experiences supernatural abilities as well. A little later, the two start seeing each other in their dreams, turning a storyline into a surreal act laced with deep-thought mythology. The mystery escalates while the Management of the carnival appears to be just the voice behind the curtains…

  1. Deadwood (2004)

The series name always had two meanings. Despite Deadwood being a real town in South Dakota that was named after the dead trees found in its gulch, its story shows that people can be chopped down alike in this notorious place.

The show kicks off with Seth Bullock arriving in Deadwood to establish his own hardware business. At the same time, frontiersmen Wild Bill Hickok along with his companions Calamity Jane and Charlie Utter are heading to Deadwood on the threshold of Black Hills Gold Rush. Driven by greed, these and other residents try to get the most out of the outlaw settlement.

Deadwood is based on a true story with many characters drawn from their real-life prototypes. The show’s creator David Milch restored events by examining local newspapers and diaries of Deadwood’s 1870s inhabitants. But aside from telling historical truth, the show tells you tough morals if you’re able to read between the lines.

  1. Rome (2005)

HBO’s Rome is undoubtedly the best portrayal of the Imperial Roman Empire on its peak. Decisive historical events intertwine with the simple life of average people, while the attention to details reaches the extreme.

Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo are the two protagonists of the series, both are soldiers in Caesar’s army. The plot revolves around their routine as well as depicts entangled relationsрips between the aristocracy, including Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and Julius Caesar himself. Two major lines go hand in hand, showing the viewer the simple truth: ordinary men make history as much as grand figures do.

The series was made in collab in BBC. The latter took care of interiors, costumes, and the rest of the details look close to their historical analogs, plunging you even deeper into fetid and corrupt yet glorious Rome.

  1. The Deuce (2017)

The Deuce is quite fresh but HBO fans often overlook it, mostly swirling around the channel’s recent hit, Westworld. So what’s The Deuce and why is it a good option to watch after GoT?

First of all, it’s created by The Wire’s renowned producer David Simon. If The Wire is all about drugs, The Deuce presents another controversial niche of the modern economy — porn business. The story is set in the 70s, the period when porn became widely legalized in the US, and some enthusiasts managed to build their own porn empires.

The Deuce features vivid and rich characters, including twin brothers Vinnie & Frankie and prostitute Candy which we meet straight away in the pilot episode. Actually, every other person in the series is a pimp, a porn director, or a sex worker, but it’s easy to get used to after GoT which is replete with sex scenes as well. So if you wouldn’t mind to add up even more spice, sit back and enjoy how the porn industry was born and grew in the 70s.

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