Learn the key basics to avoid chronic back pain

Most of us are affected by back pain some time or the other in our lives. Often a mild condition develops into a severe complication, and suddenly we find ourselves in the clutches of a chronic back pain. Chronic back pain is as frustrating as it sounds, and it stops us from participating in various outdoor and indoor activities, thereby significantly reducing the quality of life.

There are several risk factors that is associated with back pain. The following individuals are more prone to back pain. Let us have a look.


Back pain is more common as people age. The more severe and chronic cases develop around the age of 30-40.

Individuals who lack in exercises

Weak and unused muscle groups are more prone to injuries. Without a proper exercise regimen, back muscles will not gain adequate strength. With Train Back, you can now teach yourself to exercise 15-minutes daily and improve the power in your back muscles.

Excess weight

Individuals with excessive body weight are more prone to back injuries.


In the case of diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis, the incidence of back pain is quite high.

Lifting of weights

In case of the improper lifting of weights, you might end up spraining or straining your back muscles.

Psychological conditions

Individuals with psychological afflictions like depression and anxiety disorders are more prone to chronic back pain.

Preventing back pain

There are several ways you can actually control, manage and prevent back pain. Some of these are based on proper physical conditioning, and some are about practicing proper body mechanics and posture. Let us have a look.


To deal with back pain, the very first treatment option is the low impact exercises. These aerobic exercises deal with strained and sprained back muscles and help them to function better and efficiently. The exercises along with walking and swimming, are ideal choices.

Maintaining a healthy weight for the body

It is after all your body, and you need to take adequate care for it. Control your weight to avoid putting stress on your back muscles.


There are various detrimental effects of smoking, and you should quit immediately to stop having back pain.

Maintain proper posture

Most of us suffer from posture problems. Which means, neither do we stand properly, nor do we sit smartly. When you are standing, avoid a slouching posture and make sure you place one foot on a low footstool when standing for long hours. Alternate your legs as this will reduce the stress on the back muscles. While sitting, use a good chair with quality support, swivel system and arm-support.

When lifting, lift smart

We cannot avoid heavy lifting altogether in our daily lives. When you are lifting, make sure that your legs are doing all the work. Maintain a straight back to avoid stressing the muscles out. Avoid twisting, turning and sudden jerky movements while you are lifting a heavy object off the floor.

Maintain these essential tips while you are trying to manage your back pain. The healing starts with you, so do your part diligently.

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