Are you the right candidate for Invisalign treatment?

After the invention of Invisalign or clear aligners, no one wants to wear metal braces anymore. Metal braces can be challenging. Firstly, they are painful. Secondly, there are so many dietary restrictions that people often lose weight while wearing braces for a couple of months. It is easy to understand why metal braces are losing popularity and Invisalign is gaining it.

Invisalign might be an innovative and simple technique to fix multiple dental issues that plague the population right now. However, you should remember that in the world of dentistry and medicine, not every treatment is right for everyone. That brings us to an important question – is Invisalign right for you?

Is Invisalign the best dental treatment for everyone?

The truth is that Invisalign is not for everyone. Before you begin thinking about the outcomes, chalking out expenses and drafting the timetable of your treatment, you should speak with an orthodontist in your Minneapolis town. Any local dentist should be able to tell you if Invisalign treatment is best for you. You might even consider cosmetic dentistry hampton if you stay near there for reliable and good consults before you make your decision.

Here are a few questions you need to navigate to find out if Invisalign is ideal for you –

Why do you want Invisalign?

The alignment of permanent teeth is unpredictable. For some, it is perfect like the ones we see on old pin ups and adverts for toothpaste. For others, maintaining and cleaning teeth can be a nightmare. When permanent teeth begin to replace milk teeth, there is no telling how they will align, and what troubles they might cause.

Apart from severe overbites and underbites, people experience pain due to crowding. Many suffer from a lack of confidence due to visible protrusions, cross-bites, and gaps between teeth.

Invisalign can be the solution for most of your teeth problems, as long as they are not very severe. These clear aligners can treat –

Crowded teeth

Gapped teeth




What is your teeth story? Share it with the best orthodontist Minneapolis has to offer!

What is your age?

People are likely to think that Invisalign takes longer to work for adults with crooked teeth. That is not the reality. The time Invisalign takes to work efficiently depends upon the complexity of a case and not on the age of the candidate.

However, children might not be the best candidates for Invisalign treatment. Since their teeth are still growing and they are yet to reach the final alignment, a transparent plastic aligner is not the best option to get their teeth in shape!

Teenagers are great candidates for Invisalign treatment since it is the period they begin to worry about their looks. Metal braces can dampen their self-confidence and take a toll on their yearbook pics. On the other hand, the nearly invisible aligners do not take a toll on their social life or confidence. They are perfect for prom pics, social media pics, and casual rendezvous.

Adults feel the same way since they have to attend client meets, participate in online meetings, and engage in social events. Clear aligners can become the confidence boost they need to ace their personal and professional lives.

Are you ready for a long-term commitment?

Invisalign is especially convenient because you can take them off and put them back in whenever you feel like. You do not need the assistance of a dentist to take them out before every meal, during brushing and putting them back.

That brings forth a different kind of challenge – people often forget to put their aligners back in their mouth before sleeping or while leaving home in a hurry. Not wearing them for 22 hours straight can take a toll on the progress. Benign forgetfulness can set the timeline of your Invisalign treatment by days or even weeks.

If your dentist has estimated the duration of Invisalign treatment to be around six months, then you need to wear the Invisalign for at least 22 hours per day till he finally tells you that the treatment is over. Unless you follow the strict timeline, you might end up in therapy for more than a year.

Post-Invisalign obligations are mandatory for patients as well, and that includes regular flossing before bedtime and brushing at least twice a day. If your orthodontist recommends an antibiotic mouthwash, you should use that till he or she tells you to stop. Dedication is of utmost importance for the success of Invisalign treatment.

Are you financially ready to begin Invisalign treatment?

Many dental plans cover the expenses of Invisalign. However, some only include the cost of traditional braces and minor corrective surgeries. First, you need to talk to your insurance provider in Minneapolis to find out if you are good to go. In case they don’t cover the costs of Invisalign, you might have to pay for the lion’s share of the expenses from your pocket.

Your orthodontist should be able to give you the estimated cost of the treatment. It should eliminate any unpleasant surprises on the way to a perfect smile. A few dentists in Minneapolis work with third-party lending services that make paying for dental procedures easier for the patients. These third-party loans work similarly to personal loans. You need to check their interest rates, processing fee, repayment terms, and penalties before you sign up.

Whether you want to check out Invisalign treatment for yourself or your child, who is over 13 years of age, you should first talk to an orthodontist or dentist, who works with Invisalign. Not all dentists have the training or expertise to offer Invisalign treatments. Therefore, you should check his or her credentials, work history and patient testimonials to be sure. Taking a look at a dentist’s official website should tell you what to expect on your first appointment.

Most importantly, if you are deferring treatment in fear of expenses, know that investing money in orthodontic treatment right now can save you the cost of corrective surgery in the long run. If you are the perfect candidate for Invisalign treatment, seek consultation from your nearest dental expert in Minneapolis right now!

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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