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Two Main Questions: Why Do You Need CCNA R&S Certification? and Why Is PrepAway the Best Platform for Cisco Exam Preparation?

The CCNA Routing and Switching certificationproves that a person has more advanced skills in the IT industry. It allows the individuals to get in touch with the ever-changing new technologies. Cisco CCNA R&S is one of the most popular certificates people generally apply for. It is often seen as the stepping stone on the way to the higher-level credentials. The exam for this certificationchecks yourcompetence in terms of LAN switching technologies, network fundamentals, IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, infrastructure services, security, and management.

Why should you get CCNA Routing and Switching certification?

There are many reasons PrepAway.biz why one might want to get the CCNA R&S certificate. While many people use the credential to get ahead in their career in networking, there can be many other benefits.

The first reason why you might opt for this certification is that you will become a Networking leader. Cisco is one of the most highly used and sought-after certifications. These days, most of the internet traffic is built upon the Cisco infrastructure, and with this certificate, you are able to be in charge and understand the skills needed to use Cisco products. Hence, your value will increase.

This particular Cisco certification also works as a stepping stone for many other credentials you might want to receive in future. Most companies generally search for the employees who are Cisco certified and those who continue to update and recertify themselves. This proves to the company that the employee wants to learn and adjust his/herabilities according to the changing world and the situation. According to many surveys, a standard for job requirement in the IT industry is that about 97% of the skill set required is done through one of the Cisco certifications. IDC also found for that 7 out of 10 employers look for Cisco credentials when hiring. Thus, it opens more opportunities for people who wish to progress further into their field. The individuals who don’t have any certification are not able to advance. They need to develop themselves. With the certificate, they gain new skills and are able to boost their career.

How to study for CCNA Routing and Switching exam?

The studying process for any test can be extremely tedious. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to achieve enough marks. To succeed, you will need to follow a multi-step approach to studying. The first step will include learning the course material and self-study where you will spend some time gathering important information. The second step will includelectures or other training information you can receive from experts. Finally, you should practice the new skills and apply your knowledge. All these stages can help you get the best scores in the exam.

It can be difficult to select the materials from the Internet.You should study from reliable resources and practice questions that you can find. Most of the questions are on online platforms when you have to be online in order to access. PrepAway makes that entire process easier for the students. It is a platform where you can get access to all training videos, study guides, and exam questions all compiled in one place. It is a community of people who take the Cisco exams and have information about IT. All these people collectively share their insights and experiences, which other students on the platform can then use to increase their percentages. PrepAway is a simple website, which does not sell you any software to make you study better. Itallows you to study more effectively through a lot of materials and practice tests.

Why should you choose PrepAway?

PrepAwayoffers a more organized and better way of studying for your exams. You can either use one of their training videos to watch lectures on the topics or use their study guides to brush up on the course material. Some people find it difficult to go out and attend a physical lecture.It happens because of a timing issue because most people taking the exams already have a job and cannot go out during working hours to attend classes. This is why an online way of taking classes and lectures is a great and unique way for them to be present at the lecture and gain all the information from it while learning at their own time. With PrepAway video lectures, you can also learn at your own pace. Since you aren’t in an actual classroom, you are not subjected to any of the classroom norms, and you don’t have to keep up with anyone. If you are unable to understand a part of the topic, you can return and play the lecture as many times as you want without any trouble. This gives you more time to become better acquainted with a particular topic, and ultimately, you are able to study better.

Many people also have some difficulties with visual learning. They aren’t able to keep the attention span to study for long periods of time.PrepAway has many interactive methods of practicing for an exam for such people. This includes braindumps and audio learning. Audio learning is a helpful tool that can be used when you are on the go but want to learn.


Therefore, if you wantto move up in your position in the IT industry or if you are starting and don’t know how to continue, the CCNA Routing and Switching certificate is a good first step to establish yourself as a hardworking and useful employee who want to learn new skills to improve thejob position. The certification exams need your time and dedication. Try to combine different study resources, train with practice tests, and excel in your real exam!

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