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There’s A New Radio Edit Of Lucky Luke’s “Cooler Than Me”

New from Lithuania’s Lucky Luke this week is his radio edit of “Cooler Than Me.” Still only 19 years old, the acclaimed producer has been making music for a few years, and his tracks spread like wildfire.

The remarkably fresh radio edit of this tune is well worth checking out, particularly if you enjoyed the original mix. There are some crisp vocals added in, as well as an underlying groove to get things going.

He says: Cooler Than Me is one of my favorite works, one which reveals my true dark style and my feelings within its energy. The reason I chose this song for a remake is the nostalgia it gives me. It reminds me of my childhood – I was always interested in music and it reminds me of when I was listening to MTV in my free time after school. “Cooler Than Me” was always in my head. I found this masterpiece perfect for mixing my style with and here’s the result.”

Listen here.

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