INTERVIEW: Brother May

1.    Hi Brother May, welcome to VENTS! How have you been, and what have you been up to so far this month? 

Hi Vents, Thanks for having me! I have been very good. I have been working on the release of my album ‘Aura Type Orange’, working on our label and collective ‘CURL’ with Coby Sey and Mica Levi performing at some very amazing festivals in Europe. I have performed back to back shows at the Great Escape and (TQS) Tutto Questo Sentire (2/5) – Exercise in Displacement this month.

2.       Can you talk to us more about your single “In for the Kill”

The single ‘In for the Kill’ is a portrayal of the fusion of experimental music and commercial rap. As a genre defying artist, I wanted the song to convey the extent of my versatility as an artist. ‘In for the Kill’ exhibits my experimental skills, the song displays the use of abstract sounds and the free lyrical context in my music. The song pronounces to the listener the importance of never being afraid to shine because “riches they live in me” taken from the verse in the song describes the fact that we all have riches inside; in the form of talents.  And whatever you do in life, go in for the kill and do it from the heart.

3.       Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

I am continuously writing and formulating new ideas. ‘In for the Kill’ came to me in a recording session. As an artist I use everyday life to inspire me. I am fortunate enough to be able to connect with other creatives in the camp that inspire me. So being inspired is easy because all my friends are going in for the kill. Going in for the kill means grabbing life by the horns.

4.       The single comes from your new debut Aura Type Orange – congratulations on the upcoming release. What’s the story behind the title of the album? 

Thank you. The title of the album was created in a session with Mica Levi at my house. She played me a beat which was a banger, and I came up with the album title on the spot. I was singing the words ‘Aura Type Orange’ and Mica, my Manager stopped me and suggested those particular words would be a great name for the LP and I obviously agreed.

5.       How was the recording and writing process? 

The recording and writing processes are fun. Mica sends me the beats and I write to the composition in my own space or in her studio. Or I lay the vocals at mine then send Mica the dry stems and she places them on the track and we later meet to arrange and produce it together.

6.       What was it like to work with Mica Levi and how did that relationship develop? 

It’s great to work with Mica Levi, I feel like she pushes me and always has constructive contribution in the studio, she’s a pro like me, so like me, she’s the exact person you would want in there with you, Ha.  All jokes aside the relationships been thriving for over 12years long and has developed over the years as we’ve both grown creatively.

7.       How much did she get to influence the album?

We worked together to create an album we both would truly appreciate. I ultimately have the last word on this project and feel this LP is a true portrayal of the space I am currently in as an artist. I will ask for her support and opinions and it’s the same for her with me really, so I feel she influenced the album as much as me. 

8.       Do you tend to take a different approach when you are collaborating with someone else rather than working on your own? 

I treat every project the same, if the project is mine or one of my friends. I take all projects seriously and it’s no longer play time when it comes to work time. 

9.       What have you learned from the process of creating Aura Type Orange

I have learned exactly that, that it’s a process. A very long and hard process but also very enlightening and rewarding one. 

10.   How experimental did you intend to go on with this album?

There are no limits with my use of expression. I am experimental in my approach and I feel this gives me the best chance of conveying my art in its truest form. Raw and uncut.

11.   Was it easy to take on this risk without losing the mainstream essence?

Yes! After you’ve listened to the full album, I would love for you to give me the final verdict of whether I was able pull it off.

12.   What aspect of relationships did you get to explore on this record?

The support of the collective during the creation of this album has been next to none. Everyone involved in with CURL played a major part in this record from Klein, Tirzah, Raisa K, Lol K, Kwake Base, Mica and Coby. 

13.   Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

The inspiration for my songs and lyrics is the people that have no voice to express their opinion. To encourage those that I inspire through my music. Many people have supported my music and the events that have transpired have inspired me to release this album for all those that have supported me. 

14.   Any plans to hit the road?

Yes definitely. Hope to have Vents Magazine out there with me and maybe next time we do a live interview. 

15.   What else is happening next in Brother May’s world?

Brother May’s world is occupied with love and excitement, its spontaneous and filled with endless possibilities. I feel free and unbounded by stereotypes and barriers of genre’s and categorization. Unlimited thought, total gratitude and thankfulness to the possible energy’s that’s in place helping me realize my dreams, welcome to my world, Brother May.

Brother May will release his debut album ‘Aura Type Orange’ with Kobalt / AWAL on 21st June 2019!

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