5 Tools How to Make a Film with Your Mobile Phone

Since the iPhone emerged back in 2007, smartphone cameras have advanced rapidly every passing year. Our smartphones have made it easier for video and fil makers to shoot high quality videos without worrying about having or renting an expensive camera. Some people are content with built-in features of the camera in their phones. However, if you are an ambitious video and film maker, this is not enough most of the time. You need more features for you to have an edge over your competitors.

Today, we are going to discuss five of the best tools that you can use to make a film with your mobile phone. The good news is; they are not expensive. You can also access them anytime you want because they are available in the market. Let’s get started!

1. Steadicam Smothee

When shooting, it’s important for your camera or phone to be steady. If not, your video quality is going to be poor and people will not watch. You cannot use your hand even when shooting for five minutes because you’ll start shaking. According to UK essay writing service, you should invest in a Steadicam. A Steadicam; as its name suggests keeps the camera steady.

It’s been used in Hollywood during run and gun shooting scenes for a long time. And now, it’s possible for your smartphone too. Tiffen, an Emmy and Academy winning award company manufactures the Steadicam.

The company offers a smartphone mount which is paired with the Steadicam at an average cost of $89.95. This price is much lower considering that you’ll not have to invest in an expensive camera. This equipment allows you to shoot how you want without any stress or worries.

2. Artemis

Shot composition is an important aspect in filmmaking. You’ve probably come across photos of cinematographers and directors on sets creating frames using their fingers. Or glancing through viewfinders to get a picture of how the shot will look like.

You need to do this too even if you’ll be using your smartphone. You need to use a good app such as Artemis or professional essay writing. Artemis is a viewfinder app designed for phones with a variety of formats and lenses for your camera. It’s currently priced at $39.99.

One outstanding feature is that you can save images on your smartphone conveniently to ease your work when comparing and contrasting your shots before sharing them with your group or partners. If you have doubts about Artemis, find out what Roger Deakins uses during filmmaking.

3. Filmic Pro

Most smartphone cameras have awesome features for a person who just wants to take photos and create average videos. But for ambitious filmmakers, this is not enough. Ambitious filmmakers need a variety of features to get to the next level. Filmic Pro was developed for this purpose; to help you have an edge over your competitors.

It is available for both Android and iOS thus making it standard and popular for mobile filmmaking. Filmic Pro transforms an average camera phone into a professional HD camera with a variety of options such as focus exposure, tint and frame rate to name a few to help you get your ideal image. Filmic Pro got famous after it was used to shoot the award winning film, Tangerine which was ranked as the best films in 2015.

4. Kinomatic

Kinomatic is an amazing app for filmmakers who want to shoot and edit using an app. It is currently priced at $3.99 for the iPhone. On the app’s camera, there are a wide variety for video and audio frames, focus, exposure and much more.

Similar to assignmentholic.co.uk, the app is convenient when it comes to saving any settings you choose to settle with as a preset so that you can return to them whenever you want for instance, if you are shooting something for several days. The editing side also has a number of features such as music implementation, trim and much more.

Editing using the app is easy because everything is central. However, long projects might be difficult to navigate. Kinematic is great for short videos. If you are looking for an independent video editor, there is Videoshop which Android users can get free of charge ($1.99 for iPhone).

5. Green Screener

From time to time, most filmmakers prefer adding some visual effects to their videos. This happens when we want to change the environment. When adding visual effects, it’s important for you to have a light behind your subject. With Green Screener, your green screen will be well lit and your visual effects will not be compromised during production. Green Screen is available for both iOS and Android FOR $9.99.

Additional tips to becoming a great filmmaker

  • Attend workshops – You should know how to operate your camera in the right way. Becoming a successful filmmaker requires technical knowledge and skill that is just beyond pressing the recording button. Enrolling into a college that offers basic classes related to journalism, art, filming and broadcasting. Your school might even have club or program relate to videography. By enrolling into a videography class, you can get the chance to attend easy essay writing workshops that will teach you how to set, edit and light your videos.

  • Get a camera – Most people procrastinate when it comes to creating videos because they don’t have a camera. This should not stop you at all. As we saw earlier, you can start by using the camera on your phone. It will work well for you as a beginner. As you progress, you might think of purchasing a new camera. It’s important for you to use what you have right now to get where you want to go. Once you have the resources to buy a camera, choose one that is versatile with high resolution recording. After buying it, learn how to operate it.

  • Look for internships – Having the right connections will set you up for success early in your career. In videography, the more people you know, the higher your chances of success are. You can get to know more people by working with them.

Nowadays, television companies and studios offer internships to students and people who are starting out their careers. Do not start applying or asking around for jobs yet. Get to learn how to set and operate everything well. Learning in class is different from learning in the field. The field helps you get exposure; something that classes can’t teach.

  • Have a mentor – Everyone needs to have a mentor regardless of their field of specialization. You should have a mentor during your internship. Having a strong relationship with your mentor will open up doors for you. Again, you’ll gain valuable knowledge from an expert in the industry. This person will definitely inspire you to become better. Even if you already have a mentor, it will be great if had more.

Whenever possible, assist your mentor in the projects he or she is working on. Observe how they set and plan their equipment. Look at how they are executing shots and how they solve problems that arise. Working as a second shooter will definitely improve your videography skills.

  • Create your films – Spending most of your time on real film sets with creative people will inspire you to create your own thing. A short film to practice camera movements and filming techniques will put you on the angel’s side. Videography is a practical subject. You need to experiment everything you learn and come up with your own style. You can invite your friends to a filming project that will allow you to practice and improve your skills.

  • Market yourself – You cannot progress if you don’t share your videos with other people. Once you have a collection of films and short movies, you are ready to start building your brand. Start off by creating a website or channel that will show off your work and creativity. Having a website or channel will give you an edge over your competitors and make other directors aware of you. With the advancement of technology today, you can share your work on social media platforms which will help you increase your following. When sharing your work, always leave behind your contact details so that organizations and individuals can reach out to you easily.

  • Apply for a job – Once you have theoretical and technical knowledge, you can start applying for jobs. Having an established brand with you own films will put you on top of the list during interviews. You can even get a job without necessarily applying for it. When you start getting a stream of clients, don’t reject those who pay small. Remember, experience matters and that’s what you’re looking for.


The five tools discussed above will make it easier for you to use your smartphone during filmmaking. With these tools, you don’t have to worry about buying a professional camera. Use what you have right now to get to where you want to be in future. Also, we’ve discussed a few tips on how you can become a successful filmmaker. Becoming a successful filmmaker is not difficult at all. All you need patience and persistence and everything will open up in the end.


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