1. Hi Kate, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Awesome! Just wrapping up at the studio, I’ve been writing a lot lately. After all this traveling from London to NY and LA, there’s a lot to write about… The last few months have been pretty crazy and adventurous, almost like a movie – thanks for having me!

2. Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Love On Drugs”?

Love on Drugs is dark pop song which blends elements of K-pop, hip hop, grunge, trap rock. I wrote this song inspired by my first love for emo music and Tim Burton filmography. The song has many different layers of meaning to it. It talks about a troubled love story between me and this guy, who is lost in life and the only way to keep this love alive is by drinking a poison that keeps our realities distorted…we don’t feel the same without drinking the poison. That’s what I mean by drugs; anything that can create a distortion of the reality, which can be love itself, success, work, dopamine, our own belief system… And I’m chained to this poisonous loop which distorts my reality and creates this hallucinogen vision. Nobody knows if the music video is actually real of part of my imagination, and here we go deeper and we find the Hamlet paradox ” to be or not to be”.  Through the music video and the symbolic skull, I question the meaning of existence and the relationship between reality and distortion. And you know what? The funny fact is that everything is a distortion until it becomes reality. At the end of the ‘Love on Drugs’ story, I break the chain destroy the ball, unchain myself from that troubled love and break free. That’s why at the end of the music video, the characters disappear and the spell is broken. There’s a sentence where I say ‘ Love is a disease but It doesn’t have a cure”…can you imagine? We romanticize love as sort of spiritual fairytale, but can you imagine if love in reality is a form of disease? A psychological deviation…creepy I know..

3. What was your inspiration behind writing this song?

Definitely the Emo pop punk wave in 00′ and then the music video. I had the music video in mind before the actual lyrics. So I developed the lyrics around that movie. I had a picture of Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton on my phone and that’s how it all started.

4. How was the filming process and experience creating the video?

It was FUN! This was the first time I produced and directed a full music video; looking after every single part of the process from choosing actors , drawing the story board, and directing the crew. Francois , Tobias and their team at Simulacra studio did an amazing job in making this happening and were patient during the editing, as I had a very specific vision. Music videos are such a big part of me as an artist. I usually picture the whole story in my mind even before writing the lyrics. It all starts from a movie that I have in my mind which becomes a song after. I always envisioned my life as a movie and that has inspired me writing music. But to be honest, it’s not me writing songs about my life, but everything I write about that becomes my reality..crazy. It’s like I predict my future through my songs. One of the challenges during the production was to find a real ball and chain. I found one but it was from America, so we drilled a bowling ball. I also created my own dress for the video, made of black and white duck tape, glued on to my skin. During the filming , I had to go to the toilet…little detail I forgot about during the design… I think that what I liked the most was also the fact that I had all my best friends working with me so the energy was fantastic.

5. How was the recording and writing process of the song?

The project was born after a series of circumstances. I was working on some songs for Katy Perry in NY and when I came back to London, one of the producers sent me a few songs to work on, one of these, was Love on Drugs. At the same time , a sound engineer from LA who works for major artists, Stefano Moro, hit me up saying that he would like to work on some of my music. He flew to London and booked the Abbey Road Studios . After I got a in touch with Sam Bennett, a songwriter I met on set for Made in Chelsea…yes I know….Anyway, there was no production room, no cool studios….we spent one week in my house writing , night and day…sitting on floor, eating pizza. My songwriting process is weird as I need to do a lot of walking to get the lyrics out out of my mind, so at 2 am , we were outside , walking near Camden and Stefano was recording my ideas. One week later we went to the Abbey Road.

6. What was it like to record this at the Abbey Road?

Well, you know…everyone knows the story of that recording studio. My dad is a huge fan of the Beatles and he used to show me pictures of that infamous Abbey road since I was a kid. The truth? I was so zoned out from reality , that I couldn’t realize. I was hyper focused. It takes me time to process..but yes now I’m like wow. One thing I like, is that I detach from a situation while it’s happening and I just do what I have to do, then I realize much later what happened..

7. How would you describe the style and sound of this song? How is it similar or different from other music you have released?

Love on Drugs is dark pop song which blends elements of K-pop, hip hop, grunge, and trap rock.

It’s definitely different from my first single, but rock and Hip Hop are in my blood. I started as the singer in a pop punk girlband, and was listening to Eminem, Missy Elliot and Snoop Dog at the same time. So yeah, it’s different from what I’ve released as a first single. It’s not different from what I’ve been doing all my life.

8. This song has elements from many different genres of music, why was that important for you to include in this song?

I needed to express all the different sides of my personality. People always try to box me in and find out who I am…the typical artist paradox. I have multiple personalities, three alter egos or maybe more, and Love on Drugs blends some of these personalities: rock, trap, dance, big dynamics, dark and light, happy, melancholic. I like to write songs that have a lot of stuff going on. Sometimes I feel like I write music for people with ADHD. I like to take the listeners through a journey in 3 minutes: happy, sad, tension, release – it reflects my madness. I wouldn’t even call It madness, I just let my inner child run free…

9. What role does Tim Burton play in your music?

I love Tim Burton. I think that his filmography hugely influenced me as a kid. I was literally living inside his movies my entire life… his characters are weird, outcasts, eccentric, misfits. A little bit like me. I was always the weirdo at school, with my friends, in my family – high school was hard because teachers didn’t understand me, they thought I was a public enemy disrupting the system. I was simply questioning rules and the culture, and that labelled me as a weirdo. But the reality is that I don’t belong to any existing label, but I can belong everywhere at the same time. I’m happy that my sister is growing up the same way…keeping my legacy haha

10. Does the new single mean we can expect even more new music in the near future?

Oh yeah!

11. Any tentative release date or titles in mind?

Definitely summer…about the release date… whenever I’m gonna feel It’s the right time 😉

12. Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, I’m in the process of planning that as well…

13. What else is happening next in Kate Klein’s world?

I’m going to LA in a few weeks to film new music videos and write some new music. Something more upbeat and bright, LA is the best place to be for that. In London I’m a goth.

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