Festival season is here, as is their inspiring posters

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to start planning for festival season. With an abundance to choose from it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the vast selection. There is also a lot of information out there about each and every one of them. As keen potential festival participants it’s hard to keep up with the constant flow of information from social media, news feeds and even from different radio stations broadcasting targeted advertisement. There is a high demand for attention and if something wants to grab that attention it will have to be something spectacular. Both topics came to mind when reading a blog post about original and inspiring festival posters on Helloprint. The article spoke of five original and inspiring festival posters that have succeeded in capturing the attention of potential festival participants and why they have achieved this goal. As the article suggests it’s not only about signing the best bands or finding the best location, it’s about selling tickets!

Festival posters, still the number one marketing tool

Grabbing the attention of potential festival participants is difficult with the abundance of both festivals to choose from in addition to the constant flow of advertisement being directed towards members of the general public. Effectively making it difficult to filter through all the information and picking out things that are of interest to them. The article discussing the five best original and inspiring festival posters touched upon this as well, focusing on the fact that the marketing teams of each festival needs to up their game and make sure that they stand out among the crowd. In contrast to today’s digital society, posters seem to still be the number one marketing tool of choice for festival marketing teams. The article further suggests that regardless of the headlines your festival is boasting about, it is still extremely difficult to make sure that your message is being heard. There are some that succeeds better than others though in mastering this task. To shine some light on what an eye catching festival poster might look like, the article fronts five original and inspiring festival posters to take note from, all with signature approaches on how to create a buzz and make sure that their festival is the one that people want to attend.

What will it take then?

How do you then create an original and inspiring festival poster? Well there seems to be some marketing tactic and tools that work better than others according to the article. For instance, tugging on nostalgic memories and prints seem to be a way to go as well as using s striking colour scheme to grab attention. The psychedelic look is also a great way of making sure that a festival poster is noticed as is being a bit mysterious by perhaps not giving away too much information and letting the person looking create their own expectations. In conclusion it seems as it pays of to be bold, original and perhaps also a bit secretive.

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