Five key pickleball facts that you should know

Pickleball, the name of the game is very interesting, especially when there are no pickles involved. There is a difference between historical perspectives for a reason behind the title. But we will have more on that later. In the following article, dear pickleballer, we are listing five essential facts that you should always keep in mind about the game.

Pickleball: The basics

The game is an extremely fun-filled indoor/outdoor activity that combines elements from popular games like the ping-pong, badminton and table-tennis. To play the game indoors, you need a badminton court and to play outdoors you need a modified tennis court or a specific pickleball court designed according to the rules of the game. The game is played with a paddle and plastic balls that have holes in them. The game has both singles and doubles versions.

The historical perspective

Pickleball was invented back in 1965 at Bainbridge Island by Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum and Bill Bell. The game had humble beginnings but now is considered the fastest growing sport in the U.S. and Canada. The game has an international following as well due to the simple rules and ease of picking up the game.

About the name, there are two accounts. The first being Joel Pritchard’s wife who started calling the game “Pickleball”.  Since it was a combination of different games, much like picking the crew in a boat from the leftovers, the second account for the name is the pet dog of the Pritchard family, called Pickles, who would chase around and run off with the ball.

About the court

The dimension for the pickleball court is the same as the badminton court for doubles. The net height is 34-inches in the middle and 36-inches at the sides, with a court dimension of 20×44 feet. There are two service courts and non-volley zone of 7-foot, which is also referred to as the kitchen.” If you do not have a court in your locality, you can modify the tennis or badminton court to play pickleball.

For the equipment

You will need a pickleball paddle to play the game. Pickleball paddles are smaller than tennis racquets but bigger than table-tennis paddles. Paddles are usually made of wood, but these days there are other materials available as well. These are lightweight composite material like the aluminum and graphite. You also need a net at the appropriate height and a specific plastic ball with holes in it. Look for IFP standard pickleballs and make sure you purchase your ball concerning indoor/outdoor playing.

The apparel

You can wear just about anything you are comfortable in. But since the game is very much like badminton or tennis, polos and shorts with top quality running shoes are advised by our experts.

Pickleball is a paddle sport that was created for all skill levels and ages. The rules are straightforward to pick up and develop. So, get your equipment, get your team and get down to it today. All the best!

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