How Music Has Impacted The Gaming Industry

Music has proven to be a potent source for changing a person’s mood in general and also impacting in the tasks performed by him. Music helps you relax and keep you focused on the task in hand. On the other hand, it can also disturb your state of mind and can intensify depressing thoughts.

The principles of the effect of music are also applicable to the gaming industry and any associated bingo gaming center.

Quirks in music and video game tracks which affect a player’s attitude has been subject to intense studies that evaluate the overall gaming experience.

Setting The Scene

Imagine playing a session of PUBG with a nursery jingle as the background score. Or conversely, PUBG music blaring in the background of a children’s rhyme. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Yes, it is.

The reason this combination seems out of place just as an afterthought shows the effect of music on any game and its atmosphere.

To effectively play any game and completely immerse yourself in it, a complete match of its music with the situation and game setting of the player is paramount.

Just as the music reflects the culture in the real world, it is also applicable for video games. The music embedded in video games is often used to portray truths about the culture of the society.

The focus on 1950s American culture and associated music in the Fallout series is one case in point. Although the game is set in the future, classic music juxtaposed against the Fallout wasteland exhibits the game’s upsetting atmosphere.

Reward & Punishment

Music can also play a role as a punishment and reward setting mechanism for a player of any game. This can be used to influence the player’s behavior to encourage him to play ‘well’ and reinforce the consequences when mistakes are made in the game.

As an example, an uplifting jingle is usually followed by a level completion and a sad overtone plays if you die in the game. Also, in the game Skyrim, with its famous battle chanting in the background, players feel that the world’s fate lies in their hands.

Performance Maximization

Video game music is designed keeping in mind the needs of players to focus on the task at hand and optimise their performance in the game. Music composers create songs that engage players and steer them towards their target in the game with minimum loss of focus.

Engagement with players to use music as a tool for increasing efficiency has lead to some astonishing practical applications.

As a means to increase productivity and focus, it is very common for students to listen to their chosen game soundtracks while studying or doing homework.


While composing and developing soundtracks for a game is a tough task, it can turn an average game into a masterpiece.

With its ability to change the way gaming enthusiasts feel and behave, video game music will continue to be a very powerful medium to fulfill the various functions of the player while also bringing out a sense of satisfaction with the gaming environment for him.

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