“The Devil is in the Details” –3 tips for successful events planning

Planning an event is much like preparing for a championship game. For one, there needs to be a game plan, but one also needs to be able to cover all bases, preferably simultaneously. One also needs to be aware of the fact that the devil is in as much of the details as God is, i.e. there needs to be high attention to details and everything always takes much longer than anticipated. However, by being painstakingly meticulous when it comes to everything from seating arrangements to invitations, the probability of success increases dramatically. Take these bespoke invitations by Downey for example, a perfect illustration of how attention to details makes a clear statement about style and effort. Here are 3 tips for successful events planning.

3 useful tips

The Plan

Without an extensive game plan, there will be no event. It is an essential part of any event planning strategy. At the very least it will make sure that everyone on the team knows where to be and when to be there, alongside what they should be doing once they arrive. Que the almighty running schedules! By adhering to an all-encompassing game plan, the task of making sure that everything runs according to schedule is made that much easier.

The Coach

The event manager needs to stay on top of their game at all times. They need to be calm, collected, flexible and most importantly carry an abundance of contingency plans for an emergency. Having a plan B is great, but having a plan C, D and E as well is even better. Anticipating catastrophes is part of the job description, as is being able to handle them when they occur because they will without a doubt occur!

The Details

In order to create the perfect event, the devil is surely in the details. With a game plan in place and the team ready to play with a confident project manager at the helm, it is time to buckle down and start with the meticulous task of going over every single detail with a fine tooth comb, leaving nothing to chance. This attention to detail is what is going to separate a successful event from your average run-of-the-mill experience.

Game time

Planning and executing an event with high attention to detail is as gruesome as it is satisfying, once it is successfully launched that is. What will make the journey that much smoother is the 3 tips mentioned here, a game plan, a coach and most importantly paying attention to the details. In the event planning world, there is no such thing as being too prepared, it doesn’t exist. The only thing that is relevant is the number of contingency plans in place. Preparation is as such key, as is communication, this alongside the passionate people that are going to put in the work. Final note, prepare, then prepare some more and never ever forget the almighty running schedules.

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