Quit Smoking in Simple 5 Steps

Congratulations! You have finally made up your mind to bring the change in your life. You have finally decided to quit smoking, or consuming any form of tobacco. Believe us, this is the best positive step that you could ever take to lead your life in a positive direction.

Quitting smoking will not only improve your lifestyle but will also add quality years to your life. However, not everything comes easy.

Quitting smoking is difficult, nevertheless, you can accomplish the task by staying focused and determined.

In this article, we will talk about various ways through which you can quit smoking on the go. You may also look at some tips are from this article of airbetter.org

Ways to Quit Smoking

Set your quit day and stick to it, no matter what

Choose a date within a week from when you will stop consuming any tobacco product – whether it is smoking or vaping or anything else. Call it a quit day, and make a pledge in front of your family members, friends, and relatives and whoever matters to you. Take the pledge that you will not consume tobacco in any form starting today.

Choose a proper method for quitting

You can quit smoking in three major ways. You can either choose one of these methods or use them in combination to get the best results.

Cold turkey: Call it quits, all at once. This is the extreme way of quitting smoking. This method might be tough, but it works for a lot of people as it is straightforward.

Keeping it slow: If you would like to take it slow, you can choose to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. For instance, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you can cut down to 15 for a week. Next, cut down to 10 the next week, and so on.

Smoke only a part of each cigarette: Smoke only a small part of each cigarette when you feel the urge to smoke, and discard the rest. Keep continuing this until you stop smoking completely. For instance, if you take five puffs, on an average, from each cigarette, reduce it to two, and so on.

Medicines, and other alternative methods: To have the best results, you can also choose to take medicines and adopt alternate methods to quit smoking successfully. Consuming snus is another alternative way to get over your habit of smoking.

Make a plan

It is natural that you will feel the urge to smoke on your quit day, and the days that follow. To divert your mind, and to get over this urge, it is highly recommended to have healthy snacks. You can choose to eat fruits and vegetables, popcorns, chewing gums, mouth-fresheners, and other similar things.

Further, when you can’t resist smoking, divert your mind by indulging yourself in activities which you love the most. You can choose to go for a music marathon or hang out with non-smoking friends. You can have a stroll in a part, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Taking up a DIY project, or adopting a new hobby can also help you out.

What’s more, to ensure that you quit smoking successfully, it is highly recommended to get rid of every object from your home that reminds you of smoking. Whether it be a cigarette packet, ashtray, lighter, or a matchstick – get rid of all these from your home, car, and office.

Finally, quit it

Stick to your target, and quit smoking on Quit Day completely, no matter what! Think of how pleasant your life will be once you quit smoking. This will keep you motivated.

The Wrap Up

Quitting smoking is easy. All you need to do is the right plan. Follow the steps mentioned above in this article, and we’re sure, you will be able to quit smoking effortlessly.

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