PREMIERE: Sasha Siem Releases New Music Video For “Eve Eyed”

British-Norwegian singer-songwriter Sasha Siem returns with ‘Eve Eyed’, a track that invites women around the world to explore and examine the rigid gender boundaries that restrict and suppress them. The track encourages us to break outside of these damaging ideologies and forge a new world where femininity is heralded, respected, and revered.

Starting simply with a dynamic cello introduction, the song quickly intensifies with the inclusion of Siem’s powerfully commanding vocals. There is a beguiling magnetism to her tone that you can’t help but get drawn into and her poetic lyricism perfectly encapsulates the empowering sentiments of the track.

As Siem puts it I recently hosted an intimate gathering of women at Fitzrovia Chapel – a gilded chapel hidden in the heart of London. 

The purpose of the evening was to celebrate our femininity through sound, song, and story. 

Life in a city is fast-paced. There’s often so much to enjoy and attend to that – as women – it is tempting to override our femininity and go into modes of stress and achievement, while forgetting our subtle internal rhythm and harmony. 

I believe a better world will be possible when we understand we can have it all and it’s all about finding our own inner rhythm and becoming unconditionally faithful to it. 

Growing up, femininity was so often over-ridden – if not derided – by the women (and men!) around me. Even defining what femininity means has become contentious – dangerous even.

Women must…

Women should…

Little girls ought to…

Girls are…

And while we may all have differing ideas of what femininity means, there is an essence which is distinctly known while still overridden gravely in society. 

Woman is not linear; she flows – in cycles – and is a holder of space. 

Divinely embodied, she nourishes life into existence both within and without, bringing fruits of beauty and goodness of heart to the world.

This gathering wasn’t about meeting at the exclusion of our beloved boys and men, but rather about fully BEING with our womanhood. Taking a moment to connect with our power to incubate and nurture life; to transmute death to rebirth; to bring from darkness into light.

Sasha Siem - Eve (Women's circle)

Music, for Siem, is best used as a tool to enliven, heal, and remind, a living being that must be nurtured and explored. It has played a central role in Siem’s life since the age of eleven when she read ‘The Caged Bird’, by Maya Angelou, and was so moved that she endeavored to set it to music. “Writing that first song set something free within me”, she explained. “Song expressed something that I couldn’t convey in any other way”.

An accomplished pianist and cellist, it wasn’t long before she had written music for the London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Opera House, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and in 2010 she became one of the youngest people to win a British Composer Award. Siem is now looking to expand on her critical success with her forthcoming single and album releases.

‘Eve Eyed’ is the second release from Siem’s album ‘Holy’ which is set to premiere in June. “Holy is an arms-wide-open embrace-all album”, Siem explained when asked about the forthcoming release. “I wish that my songs will inspire people to hope and feel supported in their desire to make a difference”. It’s an album that aims to transcend any religious, social, or personal limitations and simply spread a message of love and understanding.

Comprised of eleven songs, ‘Holy’ tackles the collective experiences of humanity in a highly personal way. With a wide range of subject matter, the album is, at its core, about reflection and change. Siem explains that ‘We have to change the world by changing ourselves’, and the album is a homage to this statement. Starting with feelings of fear and anger, Siem subverts these experiences and changes them into periods of growth and self-reflection whilst inviting her listeners to do the same.

So what can we expect next from this artful musician and lyricist? Well, with ‘Eve Eyed’ just released and the remainder of the album following in June, you won’t want to miss what this introspectively poetic singer songwriter gets up to next.





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