Amazing Instagram Tricks that Every Fashion Designer Must Know for Boosting Her Brand’s Image & Overall Online Presence

It is surely quite a challenging affair to stand out and make your presence felt in the ocean of highly-skilled and talented fashion designers on Instagram. Instagram is a lot more than simply posting selfies and some other mindless pictures. You need to build a robust community and expand your social presence by boosting your brand’s outreach. Instagram is a powerful marketing platform that gives a lot of importance and space to creative professionals. Several fashion designers, web designers, graphic designers, and other creative professionals have established a niche for themselves in their respective industries thanks to Instagram.

If you wish to make your presence felt on this versatile social networking site you must know to do things right on Instagram. You must have a flawless Instagram portfolio that must act as an important tool for showcasing your creativity, uniqueness, and prowess as a fashion designer and present your fashion brand in a truly professional manner. However, no matter how talented you are, you need an additional push to steer you in the right direction. We are here to do that for you with certain simple tricks that would help you get noticed and enhance your overall online presence.

Do Not Forget To Optimize Your Bio

Your bio is of pivotal importance as it is like the window to your soul. It should be able to entice visitors to delve into your Instagram account. Your bio should have a quick and brief summary telling others who you actually are and what all are on offer. Your bio is certainly the place to flaunt your creative skills and your competence but you need to convey your brand message to your target audience within 150 characters only.

Remember to include your username, and incorporate a striking and informative description about you and your fashion brand. Do not forget to use the best hashtags relevant to the fashion industry. You must incorporate a link into your design portfolio or website and do not forget the call-to-action. In case, you have multiple blogs and sites, you could use Linktree as an effective tool for adding multiple tasks.

It Pays to Be Social

You must not underestimate the potential and power of interacting actively with your community. You must respond to comments on your Instagram posts and you must like and comment on some other like-minded people’s posts. You must regularly visit other profiles you seem to be fond of and you may chat with people who are following you or using the same hashtags. It is not enough to acknowledge other accounts by sending emoji. You must send authentic and honest replies for fostering communication. You must not get into the habit of using bots. You may get in touch with a renowned digital marketing company to buy real Instagram likes to boost your outreach.

Reach Out To Your Potential Clients

You must identify 10 potential customers and follow them. You must turn on notifications to know what all is happening in the lives of your customers. Always make it a point to reply to all their Instagram stories. You know that often people do not reply to stories so once you start replying, you would be attracting a lot of attention and this would assist you in standing tall among the rest.

As per, “Mention them in one of your stories. This is the best way to get on their radar and show them you’re into what they’re doing. It’s the perfect way to build a relationship with them before reaching out and letting them know you’d love to work with them!”

Identify Creative & Innovative Ways to Involve & Engage with Your Followers

There are several amazing ways of motivating and boosting audience engagement.

Choose the Right Words: Come up with fascinating and catchy captions. You may include questions occasionally and provide some interesting and enticing information about your products or services. Add an element of humor to drive more people. Your audience would get more involved and you would surely love to read their responses.

Initiate a Conversation: Start experimenting with the innovative and novel ‘ask questions’ feature. This should give your audience an opportunity to know more about you in a casual and fun way.

Organize Giveaways & Contests: The best way of pampering your fans and followers would be to run enticing competitions and tempting raffles so that they would be prompted to give a quick response. Everyone is in love with the concept of winning a prize. So this could be a fantastic way of connecting with your audience and engaging with them.

Sharing Means Caring: Get into the habit of reposting content which you find interesting or inspiring. This would mean that you are demonstrating your appreciation and acknowledgment for good work done by others. This is a great way of sharing content when you are not ready with your own fresh content. However, always remember to seek permission before reposting.

Be Consistent & Organized

Spontaneity is good and can lead to amazing outcomes. However, it is also, important to be organized while planning your Instagram feed. You need to know what would happen next to make the process easier. An effective way of approaching this is by defining a host of content anchors like ‘the making of’, behind-the-scenes, general inspirational images, etc. You may think in advance about the upcoming special events and days that you could acknowledge on your Instagram fashion account. In general, the broad spectrum of content would lead to a well-balanced feed which clearly is an expression of what your fashion brand is all about. Maintain consistency in your posting schedules too. There is absolutely no need for you to keep bombarding your fans and followers on Instagram with too many posts daily. However, at the same time, do not waste too much time between posts.


If you are a budding fashion designer and have fantastic design ideas and an amazing sense of style, you would eventually win on Instagram. Remember Instagram is the most popular and successful social media platform and it is your ultimate destination for design inspiration. It is surely the best platform for showcasing your unique designs, winning new clients, and getting a big break. Just go for it!

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a social media marketing expert and has been in this trade for over a decade now. She has helped many brands to establish a niche for themselves in their industry. Her professional advice includes numerous tricks and tips to boost your overall social media presence. She even goes to the extent of sharing tips to buy real Instagram likes for enhancing your overall online presence.

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