5 Rules to Follow While Attending Film Festivals

Film festivals began to become more and more popular among people of all ages. Their complexity began to become bigger and bigger and new film sections appear every year. But, how is a film festival organized and which are the activities available?

Well, a film festival is organized in a fixed period in a region or a city. With the recent increased popularity, film festivals show films in more cinemas or venues at the same time. Recently, they began to install cinemas outdoor, giving a new sense to watching films.

Depending on its main theme, a film festival can be about international films, local works or both. You have the occasion to see recent films or more classical ones. Being a festival, there are a lot of genres and options to choose from. Only time to have!

But, what benefits do I have if I attend a film festival? You have the opportunity of meeting new cultures and traditions. You have the opportunity to watch movies that are not usually running in cinemas. You could participate at Q&A panels. Your knowledge will only become richer.

It is important to follow some rules while attending a film festival. Because it is such a complex event, you need to take care of some things. Let’s see which.

Use the App to Plan Your Schedule

Imagine there are more than seven days of the festival. There are several venues where films run simultaneously. And you have so many options to choose from. To see every movie you want, you can plan your schedule with the help of the festival app.

What is the most amazing thing, is that the IT industry is in an ever-evolving state. Many film festival apps are developed with the latest technologies and some of them might be synchronized with your calendar. Imagine how would it be to have a paper note where you have all the films you want to go.

Even if you are a highly organized person, even if you are a brilliant lab report writer, you might lose sight of some information and forget about the films you want to watch. If you use the festival app, you will also receive reminders.

Just as the specialists at Best Essays say, “You will also be able to read more details about the movie and the actors. And you will know to plan ahead of the work on your papers.

Put Your Phone on Silent Mode

Imagine you are enjoying a movie you wanted to see, and some phones start to ring. They will eventually stop, but that ringtone was not something that was supposed to be there. It just ruins the flow and although you will continue watching, you cannot unhear that ringtone.

So, a rule to follow would be to put your phone on silent mode. It would be a pity if your phone would ring and you would not find it in your bag. It will ring and ring and the movie will go on. But all the people will be annoyed, and you might also get some angry looks.

Of course, this is valid for all the movies you will be going to watch, not only the ones from film festivals. Maybe it is a moment when you expect an important phone call and you really need to answer it. With the risk of disturbing the other people, the right decision would be to go out and answer.

The possibility of answering your phone and continue talking in the cinema while the movie is running is never an acceptable solution.

Do Not Be Late

If you will use the festival app and you will mark the movies you want to see, you will get reminders. They will help you plan your schedule so that you get there on time. Imagine you booked some seats at the edge of the row and someone from the middle is late.

Of course, the movie waits for no one and it begins running. After thirty minutes in, the people who have the middle seats arrive and want to go to their seats. Of course, it does not take too much time to let them enter, but is it a nice experience?

It is nice to be interrupted right in the middle of the action? I think not. Even if you do not lose too much information because the whole procedure does not take more than one or two minutes, it is unpleasant.

 You were really enjoying it and they ruined your flow. You will surely not like this. And nor will the rest of the people. So, try planning your schedule ahead and save some time for buffer.

Do Not Talk

You are there to watch a movie. Everyone understands that there are interesting scenes to talk about. That are intriguing characters you want to analyze. There are strange behaviors characters have.

Of course, you want to talk about all these situations. You want to analyze them. It is normal, and I think that everyone gets through this during a movie. But isn’t it annoying when the couple from your back is chit-chatting?

No matter how much you will try to focus on the movie, you will hear them in the background. Well, if this is bothering you, for sure the other people are bothered too. So, avoid talking with your partner or with your friends during the movie. Remember your ideas and discuss them later.

Leave the Place Clean

The image of people watching movies in a cinema with popcorn and soda is well-known. Everyone understands that maybe you want to grab something to eat those two hours.

Therefore, cinemas sell popcorn before every movie. Sometimes, you can bring your own chips from home and eat them there.

Lots of people have already done it in custom writing, but I’d like to emphasize one more time that the most important thing is to leave the place how you have found it. It is important to behave like a civilized person who is capable to throw his garbage. Imagine how would it be to see a cinema full of popcorn, soda and other garbage left on the seats or on the floor.

I think it is not an appealing perspective. So, try avoiding it.


Film festivals are beginning to become more and more complex. Whether it is the theme, the environment or just the movies that are running, they give you such a nice feeling. You start to think that there are so many movies to see and so little time.

But, to enjoy at maximum your experience at a film festival, you need to follow some rules. Leave the place clean and behave like a civilized human. Avoid talking during the movie and always put your phone on silent mode.

Use the film festival app which will automatically add the movie in your calendar. This way you will get reminders and you will avoid being late.


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  1. No matter how much you will try to focus on the movie, you will hear them in the background. Well, if this is bothering you, for sure the other people are bothered too. So, avoid talking with your partner or with your friends during the movie. Remember your ideas and discuss them later.

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