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An Insight Into The Popular Tiny House Movement

You probably might have heard about the tiny house movement and are wondering what it is? In simple terms, it is a social movement involving tiny homes.

Individuals today are consciously choosing to downsize their living space with the objective to live with less amenities happily.

People are joyfully embracing the philosophy of tiny homes and are enjoying the peace of mind and the freedom that it brings.

What Is The Average Space Of A Tiny Home?

The average size of an American house is approximately 2400 square feet whereas the average size of a tiny house is about 100 to 400 square feet. There are however no hard and fast rules when it comes to the space of a tiny house. There are both simple, neat, organized and luxury tiny homes.

The amenities inside the house depend upon the tastes of the owner. Most people believe that tiny homes are bare and hardly have any furniture- this is not true. One can actually find many stylish and amazing tiny homes that have been built for living.

Some are built in the middle of nature while others can be found in major cities next to large buildings. This means you can build a tiny house where ever you wish to with a good builder and plan.

In general, it should be below 400 square feet to qualify as a tiny house. One can rent or buy a tiny house. They may have a solid foundation or can be built on wheels so that they are mobile.

Some homes are built by homeowners themselves whereas others can hire professional construction companies to build Tiny Houses for them.

Reasons For Joining The Tiny House Movement

reasons people live in a tiny home

Many people are leaving the comforts of their large homes and joining the tiny house movement willingly. Many people have the misconception that bigger the home, the better. However, now this perspective is changing.

Many people are joining the tiny house movement for emotional, financial and environmental reasons. For this segment of people, lesser is better. They are able to alleviate financial tensions, maintenance issues and more. In short, they get more freedom and can live life fully.

They do not have to worry about mortgage payments and high energy bills anymore. Living with a tiny house is convenient. They are happy and are able to enjoy life to the fullest.

For most people, the tiny house movement means a better life and meaningful life- what they need is a roof over their heads and financial security free from worries of high bills and debts. The tiny house movement is a practical way for them to achieve this dream and live a meaningful life.

Therefore, if you wish to join the tiny house movement league, you can do so by consulting experts of this movement. There are companies with trained and experienced professionals that build tiny houses for you.

These houses are customized as per the budget and the tastes of their clients. Book an appointment and talk to them to educate yourself more on the movement and whether it is perfect for you or not.

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