How To Get Inspiration For Your Next Music Project

You have the talent and you have probably sifted through enough material to pen an EP and let your career in the indie music scene take off.

The only problem is, songs don’t write themselves and you find yourself constantly stuck in a creative rut. Sure, creating a musical project may seem simple, but reality tells you nothing ever comes easy in the business of music.

You can’t expect your first show or your first sample to meet with instant success. The people that do just got lucky. But inspiration is what really draws the line between trying hard and trying really hard to write songs that sell. You should be aware of that as an artist, and the sooner you accept it, the better you will develop your craft.

All it takes is a little bit of inspiration. So if you’re planning to be the next Grizzly Bear or Bon Iver, you need to know where to get fresh ideas. Here’s what you ought to know:

1. Keep A Journal

Creatives like yourself encounter ideas wherever they find themselves. At some point, these ideas will be so compelling that you just can’t stop thinking about it.

To keep an idea from escaping, you will need to write it down. This is where a notebook comes in handy. Having your own journal can help you record thoughts and moments you can use on your music project.

If you’re not into using a physical journal, you can use apps like Evernote or Jotterpad to write a few lines of a song.

2. Read Anything

Another great way to gain inspiration for your music project is to devour knowledge wherever it’s found. Often, the best sources for musical material is literature, and not just books, but also anything that could be read.

We can look no further than bands such as Iron Maiden who get their inspiration from historical battles and mythological tales, proving once and for all the intellectual and cultural value of metal music.

So if you’re looking to write something that touches on religious themes, for example, you can get material from the works of Saint Augustine or Eastern philosophy to create modern music based on ancient concepts.

3. Make Time For Meditation

It’s a new world thing that’s been around since the 60s, which explains all the greatest moments in music produced by that decade.

It’s also a time when the Beatles and Bob Dylan were able to push the boundaries of modern music and entered a new era of experimentation. You can go down the same route by practicing meditation. But you don’t have to climb the Himalayas or live a rustic lifestyle at a Buddhist monastery.

Just look for a place around town where you can be at peace, whether it’s the park, the beach, or the rooftop of your apartment building.

There’s a lot more you can do to get inspiration for your music career. You just have to find time to nurture your creativity. For sure, you can get ample material for an album from just about anywhere.

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