How nerds have taken over the world

From music and movies to business and politics, it seems that brain now matters more than brawn. This is because we have seen the humble nerd growing to become the most powerful player in the world. From the likes of Steve Jobs transforming the way in which we live our everyday lives on our iPhones, to Mark Zuckerberg helping us communicate and share outrage on Facebook, it seems that geeks really have taken over the planet.

For many years nerds were often sidelined as being antisocial characters who would waste time playing Dungeons and Dragons whilst meddling with primitive home computers. But now we are seeing geeks being celebrated on TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and the fact that we spend one day each week online shows how we are all becoming a little more nerdy.

Nowhere is this better seen than in the world of cinema. The rise of ultra-nerdy comic brands like Marvel and DC Comics to dominate the box office revenues has shown that the traditional action hero of the past has fallen out of favour. Plus the fact that biopics that show the success stories of Apple and Facebook can win Oscars and Golden Globe awards signals just how in love we all are with the technological advances of recent times.

Music has also fallen under the spell to the power of the geek. Rather than the windswept guitar god emoting their star power to legions of fans, we now get festivals where the stars are far more likely to be a nerd who is hunched over their laptops as they conjure up yet more digitally enhanced sounds.

But for the most visible example of how the geek is in the ascendancy, then you just need to take a look at the esports phenomenon. Watching other people play video games hardly sounded like an attractive option a few years ago, but there are now gaming tournaments where thousands of nerds pack in to watch other nerds playing weird games like Dota 2 and Hearthstone. Plus the fact that there are now even betting sites like dedicated to the nerdiest game of them all – League of Legends – shows just how far things have changed.

All over the world, there are endless examples of how we are all getting a little geekier. From the rise of nerd fashion giving us the sight of Kanye West dressing like a Ralph Lauren preppy, to Elon Musk aiming to colonise the galaxy, it seems that there is no stopping the power of the nerd.

Whilst the celebration of the cerebral is undoubtedly a good thing, it seems that the rise of the geek could have a few side effects. The sheer amount of time that we are spending online has led to many commentators suggesting that negative emotions such as alienation and antisocial behaviours could be on the rise. Plus the fact that even the US elections were thought to be affected by a few hostile nerds shows that our embrace of technology is not without its dark side.

But ultimately the growth of nerd culture has helped many people find a voice who would have previously been trampled underfoot. By using technology to stay connected with other nerds, we are seeing the rise of whole new subcultures that can exist outside of the mainstream. Whether it’s a bunch of gamers meeting up online to play League of Legends, or geeks commenting on each others latest cosplay experiments, it seems that the rise of the nerd has only just begun.

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