Han Chien Leow

Han Chien Leow Moves “In The Darkness”

Up-and-coming producer Han Chien Leow returns with a huge new release on London label Absent Mind. “In The Darkness” delivers a range of emotions to the listener with its future bass drops and deep-rooted vibes.

Han Chien Leow may be among the lesser known producers but he’s breaking the mould with his sound. It’s one that rings through loud and clear on his newest single. By channeling a deep rooted vibe and utilising a variety of ethereal sounds, all building to the bass-heavy drop – “In The Darkness” leaves no doubt as to what all of the fuss is about.

Listen for yourself below and you’ll learn why this Malaysian producer will be building a name for himself in 2019. “In The Darkness” is out now.

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