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Fitness Challenges For The Workplace

It’s fair to say that work takes up a lot of our lives, which can make it pretty difficult to make time to eating healthily, getting to the gym, and spending time with family.

This is where the workplace can do better and many employers are catching on to the fact that they can invigorate their workforce by starting fitness challenges.

Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to get fit, but it also sparks a bit of friendly competition, which is a great way to motivate you.

Workplace Fitness Challenges

Done properly, a workplace fitness challenge which in turn will not only improve their health, but also the results you see at work.

We place a lot of merit on fitness and health, but employers need to do more to facilitate exercise during the workday. Slip into your gym clothes which will give you that extra push to bust out a quick workout, if you don’t have one buy them online from top brand like Lorna Jane.


Offering prize money is a great way to motivate everyone in the workplace to get involved in the fitness challenge. Whether it’s an individual challenge or one made up of teams. You may need to chip in a small fee in order to create a prize pot, but the chance to take it all is worth it.


There are so many apps available that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that is available to everyone. This is a great way to get everyone competing with each other and professional athletes, too.

Yes, there are professional athletes and trainers that have their own apps. How amazing to interact with sports stars that you admire and compete against them, too.

This is just one more way to keep your exercise routine fresh and try to create healthier habits, including eating clean. You can log your meals and track your calories as well as enter your exercise habits. It’s essentially a personal fitness assistant.

The Biggest Loser

Why not try a weight-loss competition that originated from a television show? You can work on your own or create teams.

Total Challenge

Sure, a weight-loss challenge is great for the people who need it and while most of us could stand to lose a few pounds, you may want to opt for physical challenges instead.

After all, this can benefit everyone and will naturally lead to weight loss. It’s also an excellent way to bring the focus on overall health and wellness as it addresses both fitness and nutrition.

Obstacle Courses & 5Ks

Whether it’s a charity 5K or an obstacle course nearby, why not encourage your employees to get involved by creating an incentive? There are so many different causes, whether local or national, for homeless veterans, cancer trusts, and children.

You can reduce your employee’s anxiety about completing a 5k as everyone can walk together (except for the people who want to run it). When it comes to obstacle courses, though, there are mud runs, colour runs, and more.

Create teams and assign prizes to those who are most successful.

Healthy Potluck

Does your office have a habit of a potluck once a month or do you take turns bringing in the morning doughnuts? It’s time for true change.

Instead of bringing in the same old, same old, why not have a health competition instead? Encourage everyone to bring healthy casseroles, etc and hold a competition for the best one (just be sure that they bring the nutritional information so you can be sure it really is healthy).

The tastiest meal wins a prize! Not only does everyone get a healthy feed, but it shows just how easy it is to find delicious recipes that are also healthy for example you can try this delicious Alaskan king crab. Photocopy everyone’s recipes to provide everyone with.

Climb or Bike

Whether your office has plenty of stairs or you’re encouraging everyone to hop on their bike – a challenge is a perfect opportunity to compete and do better for yourself.

A fitness tracker will track stair count and steps (and cycling, too), but not everyone has a fitness tracker. Don’t worry, though, most people have a smartphone now and there are free apps – just be sure everyone is using the same app for optimum accuracy.

10,000 Steps

This seems to be the goal for most people these days, so why not challenge your employees to reach 10,000 steps every day? As they start hitting the target, try stretching it incrementally.

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