Songwriting Inspiration for Students: 5 Places to Find It On Campus

Where do successful songwriters find their inspiration? Is it found on a certain location? Is it a thought process? Or is it just good luck that visits them whenever they want to write a great song?

Without inspiration, you cannot be creative. And if you are not creative, you cannot write songs. If you do, it might not bear fruit. Every songwriter’s dream is to get inspiration when they need it.

Just as opportunities present themselves to everyone on a daily basis, so does inspiration. Only those who are alert and keen can make use of opportunities presented to them. The vast majority of people never seem to move forward because they fail to spot opportunities that present themselves before their eyes.

The truth is inspiration can be found anywhere. It can be found in truths of life or what you are going through right now. Maybe you don’t have enough money or someone you love has hurt you deeply. As a student, songwriting inspiration can be found in several places on campus. We will discuss these places today to increase your chances of success in life.

1. Off campus events

Most students on campus find their perfect matches when having fun in the wilderness. When they fall in love the experience can be so big and fantastic that they lose themselves in the process. During such moments, they can easily get inspired to do anything to avoid falling out of love or to heighten their experience. Many great songs about love have been written. Trying to describe the other person or the experience.

Again, when you fall out of love, you can also be inspired to write a song because of the strong emotions involved. The feeling of being lost and alone propels songwriters on campus to do remarkable jobs. When we listen to such songs on best dissertation help, we can’t help but replay them again and again because we can relate to the experience. Everyone has fallen in and out of love.

2. Your room

Most songwriters will tell you that they write their songs by instinct or by what they feel is right. But when they think about how they write their songs critically, they discover that they follow a certain process. The process has become so automatic that they do it unconsciously. This process is usually done in their rooms.

According to Jimmy Webb, he starts by choosing the type of song. It could be rock or rhythm and blues. He then comes up with the title of the song. The title inspires the rest of the song. He discovered that from this point, inspiration can be found everywhere.

It can be found in the challenges we face every day, a place we love such as assignment geek, what we hold to be true or a friend’s insight. People have walked through your path. And there is a possibility that someone else is facing what you’re facing right now. Relating with them through an inspiring song is one of the best ways to help them.

After choosing the title, Webb structures the verses and chorus and then gives room for the song to gain momentum on the direction it wants to take.

3. Music class

A melody can suggest itself when you sit down in class and start playing a chord progression on your guitar or keyboard. Your mood plays a huge role in the songwriting process. As you play, you’ll find yourself experimenting with colorful and lively chords that heighten your emotions and inspire you.

Majority of successful songwriters have confessed to using this process as a source of inspiration. When they sat down to play the guitar or piano, they had no idea which song they wanted to write but after some time, everything became so clear and new songs were brought to light.

As the popular saying goes, two heads are better than one. Collaborating with your friend or a group of people who are on the same page with you will definitely produce wonderful results; Results that could seem impossible if you were working alone. You may have a song title and a chord progression but your friend(s) may have a totally different idea that could make the song a hit.

If you prefer working alone, you can get your friends to comment on your songs before you finish them. Feedback from listeners will definitely spark new ideas in your mind. Although working alone has its benefits, most collaborations perform better because of the number of ideas. You also get to entertain yourself and avoid taking things too seriously.

4. On the road

You could be travelling with your friends or family and an idea pops into your head. Or you could be listening to the radio and the presenter says or plays a song that can inspire you to write yours. Travelling is one of the best ways to get yourself fired up to write a great song.

When you travel, you encounter nature and other inspiring elements on the road. Do not ignore anything. Pay attention to everything without discrimination and you’ll be surprised by the number of ideas you can generate on the road. When you pay attention, you start thinking creatively and this is the foundation of every great song.

5. A café

A café can be a great place to find inspiration for songwriting. A café can remind you of an event that happened many years back or even someone you love. Just like imagination, memories are powerful sources of inspiration. The smell of the café could remind you of a place you’ve visited and loved or a place you’d like to visit in future.

Again, you can meet other great people there and this could be your source of inspiration.


As a student, this is the best time to start and rapidly progress your music career. Most successful songwriters started off when they were young with no money or resources. But their determination and focus helped them get where they are today.

Inspiration is an important aspect of songwriting. Without it, no great song would be born. Therefore, it’s important to keep your inspiration at its peak by visiting the places discussed above. You’ll be amazed by the results. Start today!

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