INTERVIEW: Plastic Mermaids

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey, thanks for having us. Yeah busy! Spent the last few days elbow deep in clay trying to get a music video finished… I guess I should mention that its a claymation video incase you hadn’t come to that conclusion already and just thought I’d been burrowing through clay lucky dip style trying find a lost vhs.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “I Still Like Kelis”?

It’s a bit more trashy and straight down the line guitars and drums than most of our stuff. It actually started out as an acoustic track and the other guys in the band decided it was too boring haha so we trashed it up a bit.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I guess its a break up song… back with my girl fiend now though. Warmed it up like yesterdays kebab in the microwave. Different but still edible.

What made you want to go for a stop-motion format for this visuals?

I don’t actually remember making that decision let a lone why. I think I get a bit caught up in my ideas sometimes and before you know it you’ve spent a moth pushing around little blobs of plasticine without stopping to ask yourself if it’s even a good idea.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Yeah quite therapeutic at times, just me, a camera, some plasticine and some late nights. It’s nice because unlike when we make music shooting a video you’re always moving closer to the finish. Whereas in music we’ll often spend a couple of weeks working on something then decide it’s rubbish.

The single comes off your new album Suddenly Everyone Explodes – what’s the story behind the title?

Haha there’s not really a story but when our next single come out it should all make sense.

How was the recording and writing process?

We were very lucky actually, we got lent this massive barn out in the woods in the garden of the house where me and Jamie grew up. We didn’t know the people who live there at all but our dad was walking past on day and got chatting to them about their lovely new barn/shed and was like. “My boys said it’d be an excellent place to record and album” and the people we like “yeah they can do that if they like!”

 So we moved our whole studio in there for 3 months over winter. It’s much nicer working on stuff in winter ‘cos when the weathers good and you just want to go sit in the garden with a cup of tea. Also there are generally waves in the winter and I find im a much more productive person after ive been in the sea.

Does being a very perfectionist band brings any sort of trouble to the record?

It just means it takes ages. You have to lose your mind first and eventually come out the other side feeling ok with it. Sometimes we’ll each have a contrasting opinion on how stuff should sound. In real life, its easier to say “ok lets meet half way and come to some kind of happy compromise” but in music world its pretty much a fight to the death. Ok maybe not death but it tends to be that one person gets their way whilst others just have to deal with the decision thats been made and then move on.

Was the process then everything but smooth?

It just took a while haha, we we’re working on about 35 songs and what ended up on the album are basically the ones we could finish. We spent about another year after we moved out of the barn just mixing, re-recording and generally messing about with stuff.

How The Flaming Lips and Tame Impala has influence your writing?

I wouldn’t say theres any direct influence. We’ll jamie has the same guitar pedal as Kevin Parker so I guess that’s an influence. Other than that they’re just a couple of bands out a pool of hundreds that we listen to and enjoy.

What role does Isle of Wight play in your music?

Being on the isle of wight is surprisingly great for being in a band and making music.. I guess its because the cost of living isn’t too bad here so it gives people time to think and make. There’s a bit of a scene here which is surprising seeing as there’s not really that many places to gig. But it’s a good thing in a way because it forces bands to think more creatively about where they can gig. We’ve played in boat sheds, theatres, caves etc and have a gig coming up in September on a friends farm which should be pretty exciting.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Around… yeah some stuff on the album is pretty introspective and I guess it just came from being alive and friends, events, thoughts and feelings that come with being a human right now. Whilst other bits are kinda dreamy and weird and lyrically more like a reimagining of stuff in real life but set in some other reality.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yup for sure!! We’ve got a few festivals over the summer then a big tour in Autumn.

What else is happening next in Plastic Mermaids’ world?

We’ve got a pretty hectic month. Album is out May 24th so a few radio sessions, Great Escape festival, in-stores and trying to finish the video for the new single.

Watch the video HERE.
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