The Future Of Social Media Marketing in 2019

Social media is changing every day. Fresh ideas are constantly being generated, various trends are taking shape, and the rules are continuously changing. However, not all of these changes happen rapidly.  Sometimes these changes are slightly more gradual and therefore a little more predictable.

Of course, some changes are already upon us, while others haven’t been fully implemented yet. Some trends are expected to boom in 2019 while others will require more time to take shape and have an impact. This post will take you through the future of Social Media Marketing in 2019.

Read on to learn more.

Social Listening

Social listening is when search engines crawl social media and the web to find where a brand was mentioned. This could include the keywords an industry uses, untagged mentions of a brand on social platforms, and even mentions on blogs.

Social listening aims to understand the reputation your brand has amongst your customers. This is done by analyzing the language they use in conjunction with your brand name.

As social listening aims to learn what customers are saying, it could become more prevalent in the coming years. However, the main focus of social listening in 2019 is lead generation and selling.

Video Content

If you have been in the social marketing industry for some time, you’ll understand that video content is increasing rapidly and will soon dominate the digital marketing industry. According to experts, eighty percent of the materials online will soon be in video format, and you can now see why industry leaders like Neil Patel have been encouraging marketers to start producing videos.

Live videos have been popular on YouTube, but the trend is now taking shape on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, you are notified when any of your followers are going live. On LinkedIn, you have the option to enable your videos to play automatically.

Videos relate well with social media lovers because their attention is quickly captured when they come across video content on social media platforms. The reason is that video content gives your brand credibility and relevance.

Needless to say that you must create engaging video content on social media for your brand to resonate well with your audience. Bear in mind that you can save a lot of time if you create video content, upload it to YouTube, then share the URL across the various social media platforms.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now, but it is one of the most underrated marketing tactics. In fact, data from Wordstream shows that:

  • 61% of people in the UK messaged a business in the three months between March and June 2018.

  • 53% of people are more likely to interact with a business they can message directly.

  • More than 50% of people consider business messaging the modern way to communicate.

While it is very surprising for some, Facebook messenger chatbots have become one of the most important tools that can give marketers a huge range of benefits.

If you are using a Facebook messenger chatbot platorm like MobileMonkey, there are tons of ways to use it to

  • improve customer service

  • build brand awareness

  • send message blasts to fans and bring more value

  • increase conversions


Influencers are people who are extremely popular on social media and have a large number of followers. Today, the online generation can speak of Facebook stars, Instagram stars, Twitter celebs, YouTube vloggers, and LinkedIn influencers. Because some of these people have hundreds of thousands of followers, their social media posts get noticed by millions of people when they publish them. For instance, influencer Arianna Huffington’s posts are viewed by tens of thousands of people almost as soon as the posts go live.

Sadly, these influencers charge exorbitant rates for their services because of their popularity. With this in mind, most startups opt for micro-influencers to help them with their marketing needs. If you have the money to invest, then it would be prudent to consider hiring a suitable micro-influencer for your business. Unlike the big influencers, you can get micro-influencers in just about any marketing niche. These people may have less than 10,000 fans, but their followers trust them and are ready to purchase any products or services they may offer.

Besides being experts, micro-influencers are trusted by their followers because they are easy to reach out to. In most cases, they will reply to your messages instantly. On the contrary, big influencers can take a couple of days before they respond to your message, or fail to respond at all.

Contactout is a simple browser extension that helps you find email addresses and phone numbers of anyone on LinkedIn.

• Has highest return rates of accurate email address.

• It uses for getting prospects and candidates’ email faster than the other email tool finder.

• Helps to find customers email address at ease and without struggle. 


Thanks to internet algorithms and reporting, brands can gather information about their target audiences, including browsing history, preferred sites, online shopping habits and social media presence.

For example, businesses can now source consumer purchasing history using emails, products, and content. For instance, Netflix provides shows based on your selected preferred genres. Amazon, on the other hand, will push products that you have previously bought on their site.

Ninety-six percent of marketers say that personalization improves customer relationships. Even though consumers may worry about their privacy, they still appreciate the fact that the suggested products or services are what they were looking for.

Personalized marketing can be considered difficult despite the fact that a larger number of companies have various levels of information on you. However, personalization is critical for your business as this method of marketing carries a strong level of trust in your brand.

Bottom Line

As a marketer, it’s important to stay on top of all social media marketing trends in 2019 and adjust your brand’s marketing strategy accordingly. Embracing the 2019 social media marketing trends won’t only help to increase your sales but will also help you to build trust with your target customers.

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