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A Three-Hour-Plus Director’s Cut Of ‘Django Unchained’ Is On Its Way

It must have been sometime soon after writing and directing 2007’s Death Proof –which is an understated masterclass in dialogue– that Quentin Tarantino must’ve said to himself, “Let’s do some Oscar-worthy stuff.”

Because, since then, the genius behind contemporary classics like Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, has been pumping out brilliant works of pop art. The Hateful Eight was another instant classic (at least in this writer’s opinion), and earlier in April, Netflix unveiled a longer cut of the film which serves as an episodic mini-series. The dang thing works — Tarantino’s western opus is perfect for the split-up format.

Fans of this new version of The Hateful Eight immediately began wondering if any of the director’s other works might get a new sheen to them, and their questions have been answered.

In an interview with Slashfilm yesterday, the Kill Bill director went on to state, amongst other interesting tidbits, that a three-hour-plus director’s cut of the film will be hitting our eyeballs sometime soon.

…I’ve actually cut a director’s cut of Django. That’s about like three hours and 15 minutes, or three hours and 20 minutes, something like that. That’s one I wouldn’t do as a miniseries, because it would just be better [as a movie]. I thought about that idea, but that would just work better as one movie. Just a longer one as far as I was concerned. So I’ve actually done that. We’re just kind of waiting some time after Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and we’ll release that eventually.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is obviously the next Tarantino original we’re going to get, and all indications (The cast! The story! The Brad-Pitt-looking-like-Robert-Redford transformation is complete!) lean towards this becoming another feather in the auteur’s cap.

As for the Django Unchained director’s cut, we’ll probably have to wait for his newest feature to hit the screen for some time before Quentin graces us with more of the neon-blood soaked wonderfulness that is Django.

And what would a Tarantino film be without blood splatter and salacious use of the n-word? Well, it wouldn’t be a Tarantino film, that’s for sure.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood hits theaters on July 26, and features an all-star lineup that includes Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, current muse Kurt Russell, Luke Perry (r.i.p.), James Marsden, Dakota Fanning, Tim Roth and more.

Oh, and for fans of the auteur, definitely go check out the interview with Slashfilm, because it’s chock-full of goodness.

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