SINGLE REVIEW: In da Couch by Scarlett Deva (feat. Star Kush)

Just in time for 420, singer and songwriter Scarlett Deva dish out a green-screened indie pop juggernaut in “In da Couch,” a single that is as much about homeopathy as it is harmonic grooves that will linger in your mind long after you’ve stopped listening to the song. The bass burns with a sizzle that stoners will find a familiar kinship with, but it’s not the star of the show here by any means. Deva’s pulling out the big guns to give us a full-throttle listening experience in “In da Couch,” and I for one am very pleased with the results of her labor.

The bass is as big, bad and dangerous as they come in this song, but it never has the audacity to interrupt the flow of the vocal, which holds everything together in “In da Couch” with a binding melody that is as tough as nails no matter where we examine it in the track. This bassline has got the potential to rip apart anything that gets in its path, but even at its most churning and violent, Deva’s soulful crooning always retains the center stage without ever sounding assaulted by the other elements in the song.


I really love how fluid the rhythm is in this track. The drums are danceable but not over the top, the bass contributes to their sexy sway, and even though the keyboard parts are really low in the mix once we get into the guts of the song, they’re as much an agent of evocation as the lyrics or any other artistic essence we find here is. Save for the abstract rapping at the midpoint of the single, there’s never a point where we encounter the conventional hallmarks that would normally constitute a modern pop song here.

If there were one thing that I would do differently with “In da Couch,” it would involve making the vocal just a little louder than it is in the master mix, if for no other reason than to appreciate its dexterous command of the beats over everything else in this track. At any rate, I think I’m getting a good idea of what Deva were going for here; they wanted to keep things minimalist in design but blistering and full of bravado from a cosmetic angle. Is it a glaring contrast? Sure, but that might be what makes it such an attractive offering this season compared to other songs I’ve reviewed.

“In da Couch” poses as many questions about its star performers as it does provide answers, but all in all, if this is a taste of what their future is going to sound like, you can definitely sign me up for more of whatever they come up with next. There’s just too much passion, too much raw and uncut emotionality present in this song for me to feel any other way, and even if it does have a stony narrative that some might find applicable to a singular, exclusive audience, these grooves are just too groovy for me to care either way.

by Josh Corbin

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