Much like the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, Shark Island has returned to the music scene with a true intended ferocity. Like a fine, politically charged wine, Shark Island has aged to music perfection. Their latest two singles released from the upcoming new album ‘Bloodline’ are absolute juggernauts of hard rock sound, and a true statement to their loyal fans that they are back and here to stay!

Starting with their heavy re-imagination of Depeche Mode’s popular ‘Policy of Truth’, Shark Island meant to create a visceral new experience for listeners that heard this important song the first time around. I must make it a point to be clear that this is not a cover song, for what Shark Island has done with this song is pure genius and respectfully leagues different from the original. Dare I say that I personally enjoy it more than the original? You know what? Yes, I do! No disrespect to the original creators of the song (as I have great respect for Depeche Mode), but these are different times, and Shark Island’s blistering opening guitar riff is undeniably aware of its own awesomeness, and I am hooked on what they created.


Following such a heavy track like Policy of Truth can’t be easy, yet Shark Island managed to whip the internet into a bit of a frenzy with the recent release of their original track ‘Fire In The House’, a song that pulls no punches in both its sound design and its important deep lyrics. Fire In The House showcases the raw energy found in the current lineup of the band which consists of Richard Black (Vocals), Alex Kane (Guitar), Damir Simic (Guitar), Alen Frjlak (Drums) and returning Shark Island member Christian Heilmann (Bass). Fire In The House is one of those songs that can’t be listened to quietly, it demands that you turn it up way past ten! Each one Shark Island’s members bring their best efforts to this truly inspired song that demands the listeners opinion on heavy topics, and it shows with how polished the track sounds from start to finish.


Whether you are a longtime fan of Shark Island, or a new listener, I think we can all agree that Shark Island’s upcoming new album ‘BLOODLINE’ is set to blow the industry’s doors wide open this year! The collective focus and creative vision of this band, along with their ability to bring the fire cannot be denied, and it is safe to say that this year is going to be filled with a lot of great things for this inspired band. Welcome back Shark Island!

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