In tune with the wedding rings of the future

As more and more people are realizing the benefits of silicone rings and the market evolves, buyers are now presented with a stunning array of designs and choices. Silicone rings bring a new level of safety and comfort to the experience of wearing your wedding ring.

Time to replace traditional wedding rings

The traditional wedding rings made with metal pose serious injury risks like ring avulsion, degloving and other injuries. The silicone wedding rings completely eliminate the risks as they are designed to break under pressure. Typically, a silicone rings breaks with more than 24 pounds per inch of pressure is applied (though it varies from brand to brand). Also, these rings expand a great deal, to allow your finger to slip out if the ring ever gets snagged.

Silicone wedding rings have innumerable advantages

Besides keeping you safe from injuries, these rings are also safe to use in any situation where you use your hands at work or while exercising. The medical grade silicone used is non-conductive, so safe for electricians and those who work near high voltage equipment. Also, silicone rings are heat resistant and resistant to creams, lotions and liquids. Essentially, they are absolutely safe to wear for anyone who has an active lifestyle or is in active service or uses their hands at work.

These rings of the future are incredibly versatile

What we really like about silicone rings is that they are very dynamic and can be used in all kinds of combinations and bring out all kinds of styles. You have thin stackable rings that can be worn in combinations, there are bigger men’s rings, the color options are endless, now we even have 3-D design rings. That means that no matter what your style, you will find a way to express it through your silicone rings.

Choosing silicone rings according to music genre

With so many designs and choices it is possible to match your silicone rings to your choice in music too. If you are a Dead Head you can choose jet black silicone wedding rings to wear, which will also go well for fans of Goth music.

We took a look at some of the most popular music genres and searched for silicone rings that will match them perfectly. Since there are so many brands out there. We decided to pick one brand that has a very wide selection and find the best suited rings for each genre of music. We picked Groove Rings, and here are the finalists of our music genre silicone rings.

Rock Music

We started with Rock music, the most enduring and popular genre of music, that has produced greats like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The silicone ring that blends with rock music has to be classic and powerful, something that stirs the soul and draws out the real you. So, we thought this silicone ring from Groove Rings will go really well for Rock music.

Heavy Metal

The next genre we picked up was Heavy Metal. An all time classic with the deep roar of rebellion and fury. The ring we picked to match with the power and class of Heavy Metal music is this one.

Rock n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll is one of our favorites, with all time greats like Elvis and Chuck Berry. It is the simplicity and energy that makes rock n roll such an all time favorite. We chose this silicone ring to match with the raw energy and verve of rock n’ roll.


Alternative is all about angst and innovation. It is unpredictable and dark, but it can also be bright and hard. Alternative music has a special kind of magnetic power to it, it is rock refined through a dark haze of despair. We chose this ring to match with the sleek despair of alternative music –


This is a genre that has fewer takers, but those who are into it, can spend their entire lifetime immersed in its nuances and depths. We are talking about Classical music, with its immense power, depth, variety and instruments. For this multi dimensional yet tremendously crafted genre of music, we chose this silicone ring.

Pop Music

Pop as the name suggest is the most popular of them all. Whether it is Beyonce or Michael Jackson, it has created some of the biggest music figures in history. We celebrate pop music with a very pop kind of silicone ring.


Rap has a special place in music, and it is fast, dark, gangsta and cool. Rap stars have insane followings and they are loyal to the point of craziness. To symbolise the rhythm and energy of rap we selected this silicone ring.


Jazz is the cooler version of everything else, with a mix of genius in it. Jazz is difficult to define because it is about how your soul reacts to sound, rhythm and melody. It about how you feel the music deep within you, and not about how you hear it. To capture the essence of something so difficult to capture, we needed a silicone ring that was very different.


Reggae is the king of relaxed and chilled out living. It is the celebration of going with the flow. The biggest name in the genre is the incomparable Bob Marley. We chose this silicone ring to bring out the mesmeric power of reggae.

Where to buy your silicone wedding ring

These rubber rings of the future are available anywhere on the Internet, there are online stores galore. However some brands are better than others and some places are better than others to buy the best silicone rings. Among the top brands in silicone rings are Groove Rings, Enso, Qalo and Saferingz. Though you can buy directly from their websites, you will get a much wider range on Amazon.

Stay in tune with silicone rings

With silicone rings coming in every shape, size and design, you can match them to your music choice, and even change them every day to match what you want to reflect on that particular day. If you are going to a concert with a specific theme, change your silicone rings to match that. After all they are tremendously low priced compared to traditional metal wedding rings, and you can easily build a massive personal collection.

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