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7 Casino Slot Games featuring Musicians

Slot games – online or offline – wouldn’t hit the spot without some form of music. Even the sound effects add an extra touch. After all, silent spins would be ludicrous! But for some new casino slot games, musicians have taken centre stage in their themes with the biggest names in rock and pop lending their imagery and music to the spinning reels.

In this lucky list of 7 casino slot games featuring musicians, you’ll find some of the most influential bands and artists of the 20th century and the way their music has shaped a new form of betting entertainment.

Guns N’ Roses

In 2016, American rock band immortalised their legacy in a unique way – through an online slot game. The game itself is pretty standard but the killer move is adding 5 of Guns N’ Roses’s hits into the mix. All the imagery comes from the band’s discography, tours, and the members themselves. You travel around the world with the band and pick any of the 5 songs available to play along to. And look at those bonus names: Appetite for Destruction Wild, Legend Spins, Guitar Solo multiplier. Perhaps this is the kind of game you could play in the “cold November rain”? Sorry, bad joke.

Songs featured: Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, Chinese Democracy

Jimi Hendrix

Another guitar wielding maestro with a slot game to his name is Jimi Hendrix. 2020 will mark 50 years since his untimely death as his icon status lives on. Nobody would have expected a slot game to be part of that but the psychedelic-themed game packs in plenty of his music with some great bonus features. While the GN’R slot is more hard American rock, Jimi Hendrix leans towards the psychedelic side, which makes perfect sense. All the graphics are quite purple and hazy and 60s-themed. And guess which song features in the soundtrack alongside Foxy Lady? That’s right: Purple Haze! What are the odds?

Songs featured: Crosstown Traffic, Little Wing and Purple Haze


NetEnt love their rock music as this is their third game on the list so far. The Motörhead slot is set on a live stage with 4 of Motorhead’s most popular songs on the soundtrack. The graphics are dark and mysterious, while the animations are sharp and vibrant. Other than the music, the layout is like nothing you’ll ever see. It comes in a 3-3-4-4-5 format, allowing for 76 different paylines, and the anticipation for big wins. The most fitting of songs on the soundtrack has to be Ace of Spades, with its gambling and card game themes and you’ll surely wear it out as you spin.

Songs featured: Ace of Spades, Iron Fist, Killed by Death, and Overkill


By now, you might have realised metal music makes for a great slot game theme. Megadeth were formed in 1983 and in 2012, the Megadeth slot was born. All the band members feature as symbols as well as instruments, signed plectrums, and female prisoners who award prizes if you free them. Weird flex but okay! Leander Games were the game providers but unfortunately, it’s no longer available to play. You can still find footage of gameplay on YouTube though.

Songs featured: Symphony of Destruction, Head Crusher and Hangar 18.

KISS: Shout It Out Loud!

The final rock band on this list is KISS. Known for their elaborate stage personas and outrageous performances. Perfect group for a slot game then! KISS’s game is available online and in the slots of Vegas where the top prize is $2,500. Ironically, winning the small jackpot requires landing on 5 Gene Simmons symbols – the most ostentatious of the group.

Songs featured: Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud, and Rock and Roll All Nite

Michael Jackson

Not a rock band but still a rock star, Michael Jackson’s lavish lifestyle fits the Vegas aesthetic and so his image lends itself to a slot game. Like the KISS game, Michael Jackson King of Pop is available online and as a slot machine game. There are a ton of bonus features and a hefty jackpot prize as well as some of the greatest pop songs in history.

Songs featured: Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, and Smooth Criminal

Dolly Parton

The most famous country singer in the world has composed over 3000 songs in her 60-year career and a selection can be heard on her own slot machines. Yes, that’s plural. From a commercial perspective, Dolly stands out with her casino games in that she actively promotes them rather than just lending her image and songs. Some of the titles include “Two Doors Down”, “9 to 5”, and the classic Dolly Parton Video Slot. The latter also contains a jukebox with a selection of Dolly tracks. The bad news is the online variant is no longer available but if you find yourself in Vegas, her slot machines are still active and ready to keep you playing “from 9 to 5”. What a way to make a living, eh? (That’s the last joke, I swear.)

Songs featured: Jolene, 9 to 5, Two Doors Down, Heartbreak Express, and Applejack

Honourable mention: Adrian Rew – Slot Machine Music

This one isn’t actually a slot game but it does reverse the theme: it’s ambient sound art made from slot machines. That might sound pretentious but there’s some psychological merit to it all. Gamblers have often claimed to feel a “trancelike state” when playing in gambling rooms and the idea has fascinated academics too. In 2013, sound artist Adrian Rew recorded these sounds from a few American casinos and created his Slot Machine Music albums. He later turned the music into a sound installation, comprised of four speakers emitting different casino-related ambient sounds.


There’s definitely been a common thread when it comes to musicians in slot games. Rock’s has a troubled relationship with gambling and excess but the music featured speaks like the greatest gig of all time. Between all the artists featured in this list, they’ve sold over a billion records worldwide and performed to sell out crowds for the past six decades. It’s that kind of status that fuels the energy you get from a slot game. And if you want to sing or air guitar along to the music, who can stop you?

This isn’t an exhaustible list either, as there are a number of other music acts with slot machines including:

ZZ Top

The Rolling Stones

Elton John

The Monkees

Elvis Presley

Kenny Rogers

Dean Martin

Those are some incredible musicians in that list, yet you’d have probably bet on Eurovision having one too, wouldn’t you? It’s probable that this will become a thing in the future, just like the prospect of more casino slot games featuring musicians cropping up too.

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