INTERVIEW: Louisville Americana outfit Bridge 19

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thanks so much! We’re doing great! Just super busy gearing up for the release of our new record – we are so eager to get this music out there!

Can you talk to us more about your song “The One”?

Well, during one of our writing sessions, the Larry Nassar trial was taking place. We had both been watching the women give their victim statements and that prompted a conversation about our own experiences. We also talked a lot about the toxic culture of entitlement and how archaic all of this seemed to us. Like, why is the behavior happening? It’s mind-boggling. Ultimately, the song isn’t really about Nassar, but about how every woman has experienced (to some degree) harassment, assault, and worse. Again, entitlement is toxic.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

We have both had personal experiences where we felt violated. We’ve been followed after a show, we’ve had experiences where we’ve felt threatened. Those experiences, along with the victim statements from the Nassar trial inspired us to start the song, and we just went from there.

Can you tell me about the video for the song?

The video for “The One” was very similar to our experience of being followed. Luckily, our experience in particular happened after a show we played, so we were together and not alone.  The guy introduces himself and the protagonist blows him off, and he decides to follow her. We were very nervous about releasing the song and video. We didn’t want it to cause trauma or any type of PTSD since the song is written from the perpetrator’s perspective. We did everything we could to keep the video honest, yet not traumatizing. More importantly, we want to help women feel empowered to reach out for help when they feel in danger, and we are making a donation to local organization who help victims get the resources they need from the digital sales of the song.

How was the recording and writing process?

We wrote like 25 or so songs for this record. We (Amanda and Audrey) write them together and then we take them to the rest of the band to start to get a feel of what shape they will take. That’s always super fun. Once the songs start to take on a life, we have a tradition of getting Mexican food and voting as a band on which songs make the album. One of our favorite aspects of writing and recording is how much songs evolve throughout the process. We recorded these songs in a beautiful studio on our hometown of Louisville. We took a pretty simple and organic approach to recording, and we think you can feel that in the recordings. They feel honest and natural, which is what we wanted. We try not to rehearse the life out of the songs before they get recorded – there’s something really special about capturing a song early in its development.

How did the process of putting together this album differ from your previous releases?

It wasn’t too awful different from our process in the past. We do feel like these songs feel and sound different from our previous music, but it’s really hard to know how or why. I think it’s just where you are and how you’re feeling at the time. It’s like a little snapshot of your lives at the time. Pretty cool.

What role does Louisville play in your music?

Yeah! I think it’s true with all songwriters that your environment plays a part in making music. Even things like weather patterns and culture have an influence, even if it’s totally subconscious. Louisville is a thriving small-ish city with a super wonderful arts and music scene. We are definitely influenced by our city. Louisville motivates us to do better, we think.

What aspect of your life/lives did you get to explore on this record?

A lot of the themes on this record are personal. We have written about personal experiences before, but the themes on this record dive a lot deeper. It addresses “Me Too”, anxiety, addiction, loss, hard relationships, love. We’ve watched people we love go through super difficult things. All of these made the album and we were very intentional about addressing all of these with honestly, yet still making much of the album fun to listen to.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

We are inspired by our support systems, our loved ones, our friends. Our country (and the world) is kind of a hard place to be right now, we definitely dove into that and how important it is to have your wolfpack whether that’s family, friends, or community.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! We plan to hit the road this summer and are looking forward to playing the new music everywhere we go!

What is happening next in Bridge 19’s world?

Booking, shows, booking, shows!!! It’s going to be a busy and fun summer for us, for certain.

Listen here

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