3 Classic Films That Deal with The Tech Paranoia

We are all afraid of something. We all have look back or feel as we have been followed. Of course, some end up crossing that line either because they get caught up in the fear or because of an illness, with a few imploding and later on exploding and causing damages.

Since its inception back on the late 60s and 70s, technology, in the form of computers and security gears, has been a tool that has both help us in our daily lives, while also destroying us. In addition, that decade was plagued by other tragic events that made not only the Americans but the entire world to rebel against the government and also feel unease. Names like Pakula, Pollack and Coppola took this and come up with films that not only immortalized this era, but also reached the classic status.

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The Parallax View

While everyone remembers the Oscar-winning All The President’s Men, and I personally love the Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland starrer Klute – the second film in Alan J. Pakula’s trilogy that dealt with the Political Paranoia that took over not only the states, but the world, The Parallax View is a fun and entertaining film that blends both action with an engaging thriller.

Warren Beatty plays an ambitious reporter that gets caught up in this web of conspiracy while investigating a senator’s assassination. Alan’s masterful direction gets you inside the action, the movie is paced perfectly intertwining between fast-action and slow-burn suspense.

The tragic ending summed up the spirit of the decade.

The Conversation

Nowadays massive audio recorders are pretty much obsoletes. Now the danger lies in the form of malwares and hackers that, well, hack our computers and cellphones, wreaking havoc into our social and everyday life. Thankfully, these days we count with some apps and VPN services that protects us from such attacks. But in the 70s, it wasn’t that easy and basically the best to way to clean your house of the mic devices is by tearing down your house.

The plot of the underrated Francis Coppola film revolves around a surveillance expert Harry Caul (Brilliantly played by Gene Hackman) and the moral dilemma he faces when his recordings reveal a potential murder. Coppola cited the Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blowup as a key influence.

Now don’t let yourself confused. As the film was released to theaters just a few months before Richard Nixon resigned as President, many audiences interpreted the film to be a reaction to the Watergate scandal, even though the film deals with less political themes and rather much personal topics as romance and interpersonal relationships.

Many remember Coppola for The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, but this is a film that matches and hits the same great bars as some of this great classics.

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Three Days of the Concord

Set mainly in New York City and Washington, D.C., this great film by Sydney Pollack is about a bookish CIA researcher by the name of Joseph Turner (played by Robert Redford) who comes back from lunch, just to discover all his co-workers murdered, and tries to outwit those responsible until he figures out whom he can really trust.

From all the Thriller that dealt with the Watergate Scandal, this is the one that takes his moment to unveil its true motives. Before those precious last minutes, the movie plays with the fear many people were having about the mysterious Central Intelligence agency that to this date still serves as a great source of paranoia for both the sane and mentally unstable individuals – while it also kind of clean its reputation through the work of Tom Clancy and other show and book heroes.

Just like every great Thriller, this is one that you need to really pay attention or there’s a big chance you might get lost – luckily, this is an engrossing movie that grabs your attention and never let you go, most of it courtesy to Pollack direction work and Redford’s very own charm.

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