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Will The Rising Trend of Online Gambling Continue in the Future?

Just like e-commerce, the gambling industry also has been able to capitalize on this strong growth opportunity, and now making up approximately £5 billion in revenue in the UK. Out of this, there is a high percentage of online slots to be specific.

The Unfolding Stigma

Gone are the days when gambling used to be something in existence in the peripheries of people’s minds. Undoubtedly, a huge share of people had a tipple on the football pools or perhaps on the Grand National. However, the industry was quite reduced to damp racetracks and seedy bookmakers, or at Monte Carlo and Las Vegas casinos.

With the emergence of online gambling, new opportunities have been created aimed at selling gambling to a brand new demographic of people. Sites like blackjack.org are helping people take an educated guess about the gamble they are about to get into with their online risk calculators. Today, social media is at an arm’s length and has helped bring gambling to the masses. Many men and women are voluntarily getting involved with online bingo and slots.

With the growing market, you could see increasing gambling adverts in your television screen between your favorite shows and other sports programs bothering those who were not interested. However, some people failed to avoid temptation and could not restrain themselves from participating.

The Gambling Rush

The United States we know today was transformed by the Californian gold rush of 1948, which is somewhat free and quite powerful, disproportionately, though. This rush managed to provide average paupers with a great opportunity to make their very own fortunes in gold. This is because many fled west in order to get a piece of the action.

We could assume online gambling to create a similar effect worldwide.

Terms & Conditions

Multiple reports have stated that there are more than 14.5 million active user profiles online across the wide gambling sector. With the increasing interest of people in online gaming and betting altogether, it was quite natural for the government to involve in the business.

This also led to the formation of the UK Gambling Commission in order to bring in laws and certain guidelines to be followed by the participants, subject to the Gambling Act, 2005. These rules were aimed at acting as the industry gatekeepers to maintain well-being and safety while stamping out the legality in existence at the same time.

While the US has employed a different approach to the industry, both the UK and Europe have chosen to take a more holistic approach altogether.

For many people, America is nothing but an alien land with too much diversity. It has never been a place where a great amount of power is harnessed in the existence of so many polar opposites. This power is every-so-often manifested in for the sole purpose of overseeing just so to omit the middle ground instead of walking a path of public approval discourse.

Well, what all could be expected from a country that introduced us to prohibition?

The Moral Value and its Regulation

There is no doubt about the fact that the nature of gambling invites a range of moral questions that you must consider and put up a fair argument based on them. The UK has capitalized on the international gambling market opportunity, but what’s the cost? Today, the gambling industry in the UK is not more than £10 billion pounds and the conservative government is not going to shut the process down to maintain the economic benefits to the economic industry.

This also means that the question of morality is subject to the gamblers’ well-being.

The Future

Although the online gaming industry is doing great, only time is going to tell how well it does in the future. Looking at the market in the UK, we can still expect the industry to grow or sustain at least. However, it’s difficult to say how much pleasure are government and casinos are going to have in the future.

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