Top 5 Games You Could Play With Your Friends on Games Night

What’s better than gathering at one’s place, drinking a few cocktails, sitting around a table to play a few games and having the laugh of your life with your friends? We’d definitely prefer that any time over any other activity! But there are a few raising questions and we soon start to ask ourselves what’s the best game to play on a games night. Well, there’s no need to sweat it too much since we did some research and asked some opinions. That’s how we came up with a small list of the best games that will surely keep both you and your friends entertained.

5. Poker

You will be totally surprised by how much fun you can have with just a deck of cards. And due to the fact that Poker comes in many different versions such as Texas Hold’em or Jacks or Better, things will never get boring. Regardless of what version you pick, it is fun, fast and simple. And if you add chips or money in the equation, it will be even more satisfying. To prepare yourself for the time you’ll be playing, you can practice beforehand at an online casino to rock the games night. And you can have increased winning chances with an incredible bonus from

4. Cards Against Humanity

We couldn’t have created a top of the games you can play with your friends without including the mother of all party games. Cards Against Humanity is super fun, ridiculous, slightly offensive, adult-themed and everything you need if you want to spit out your drink laughing every few minutes. Once you catch on how it works, it’s super simple and it will elicit many laughs.

There are 2 types of cards, white and black. The black ones have a question written on them or a sentence with a word that needs to be completed while the white ones are the answers. The person that creates the funniest combination of the two wins and every round is guaranteed to cause sidesplitting laughter. It will probably become one of your favorites.

3. Jenga

You never knew you could be so competitive until you play Jenga. Jenga is a simple game in which 54 wooden blocks are arranged one above the other in a tower shape. The whole purpose of this game is to remove blocks from the tower in a way that it won’t make it collapse. Of course, you’ll want to take out the parts that will decrease the next player’s chances of succeeding.

2. Never Have I Ever

It is a classic game among adults and teens alike which has been turned into a hilarious party game. If you’re interested to find out new things about your friends, prepare yourself to hear about the most hilarious and awkward moments that ever happened in their lives.

To play Never Have I Ever, you use 2 types of cards, Play Cards and Rule Cards, to discover the craziest things about your buddies as they answer crazy questions. You will surely keep on laughing, but it’s for the best to be careful about people’s feelings.

1. The Jackbox Party Pack

If you have your phones and a TV nearby, you can use them to play The Jackbox Party Pack. It’s gonna be a super fun night as this pack has a lot of interactive games to keep you hyped. Measure your intelligence with the others, draw weird things, sing or try to lie with the best games bundle out there.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to entertain yourself and your friends, what’s gonna be the one to try first? They’re all super entertaining and you’ll get to laugh like you never before playing each one of them. Enjoy!

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