Shazam! Review: Why DC’s Lightest Film Is Their Best One Yet?

Whether you believe it or not, but DC Comics have been struggling a lot for a while. The comic giant hasn’t had a taste of huge success since 2017’s Wonder Woman. But now, Shazam! has changed things completely. And for me, this is the first time in years when I felt so good after watching a DC Comics’ movie or should I say any superhero movie.

Shazam! made me realize why I actually started watching or reading about superheroes. Superhero movies should take you in a fantasy world rather than trying to keep things real. There are many movies which tells a true stories but this movie takes you to a kid’s world where he has got super powers.

Well, the movie follows the story of a 14-year-old boy named Billy Batson who is given powers by an old wizard which allows him to transform into the adult Superman-like superhero, Shazam. And, being a kid at heart, Shazam does what any other kid would do if he gets superhero powers. Throughout the movie, he is helped by his nerd friend, Freddy Freeman, who constantly guides him about his superpowers and how to use them. Later, it becomes a classic superhero tale where Shazam is faced with a cruel villain.

Now, when you read the concept of the film for the first time, you will definitely call it ridiculous and people did the same when the first trailer for Shazam! dropped. Nobody including myself thought that this movie could actually be a hit let alone live up to the expectations. But, the outcome is – it exceeds the expectations and is way better than recent superhero origin movies including Captain Marvel and Aquaman. But, what makes Shazam! such a masterpiece, let us take a look at some of the best things about the movie.

Shazam! reminds why superhero origin movies still matter

Over the years, I have seen many people criticizing the need for origin movies, but that is the worst argument ever. I mean, how will you understand a superhero if there’s no origin film? The movie builds the character of Billy Batson to perfection, Zachery Levi does a good job in the form of adult superhero Shazam with a child’s attitude.

Everything about the movie is youthful. From a kid surfing on the internet about superhero powers to actually getting and using them. It is as perfect as you can witness. Shazam! is able to do what Captain Marvel and Aquaman were unable to do, and that’s providing an actual origin story. The movie focuses on its titular character and gives him the right amount of time to understand and use the powers after getting them before bringing the villain into the picture.

No darkness and depression

One of the things that most of us are aware of is the dark atmosphere that always surrounds a DC Comics’ movie. I have seen many DC movies where the dark background makes the film much more boring and depressing. But, that’s not the case with Shazam!

The movie is made bright, colorful, full of jokes, humor, and most importantly targeting the teenagers. This is the time when a person gets attracted to superheroes and that’s what Shazam! does with brilliance. It has an American school setting just like Spider-Man movies and people are actually able to relate to it.

A kid’s dream fulfilled

A lot of superhero movies have been made as of now, but no one has been able to bring out the kids in us. Though, Shazam! does this with ease. As we talked earlier, it tells the story of a kid named Billy Batson who transforms into an adult superhero, but still has the heart of a kid.

So, when he gets the power he behaves just a 14-year-old would do. He tries to brag them, he uses them without any reason and even keeps everything real with full of emotions. Shazam! is the first movie in years that would make kids in the theatres happy than the adults because they will be able to imagine themselves in the shoes of Billy Batson and Shazam.

And for adults, it will be the nostalgia of the things that they used to imagine as a kid. All-in-all, every single person who will watch the film will feel satisfied and have a smile on their face.

Zachary Levi is phenomenal as Shazam

When the first trailer for Shazam! dropped, people were not sure if Zachary Levi is really the right choice. Well, I am sure they would be thanking Warner Bros. for casting the man now. He was phenomenal while portraying Shazam with the mind of a kid. He has all the muscles in the world, but the most important thing was to portray the reaction of 14-year-old Billy Batson after becoming an adult superhero, and he does them with perfection.

You can actually see that every expression he has while using his superpowers for the first time were genuine. Zachary’s performance is one of the biggest reasons why the film is getting praised all across the world.

A complete superhero package

Shazam! is a light-hearted, funny, at times intense, and a perfect superhero movie. The script, the storytelling, acting, and even casting of the film makes sense. The direction by the horror film director, David F. Sandberg is one to watch out. I love the way he took every aspect of the film and kept it real in front of the fans. His clear vision has indeed made the nerds who enjoy comics’ Shazam cheer for him.

Shazam! is indeed a must-watch film and I feel you should watch it as soon as you can. I don’t think we will be getting such a movie soon cause the filming of Shazam! 2 has just begun.

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