Danyiom Unveils His Latest Single “Dreamers Don’t Believe In Ghosts”

Rising Berlin singer Danyiom has just released a brand-new song titled “Dreamers on’t Believe In Ghosts,” which follows on from his highly successful debut “Echo.”

The song hooks you in from the opening beat with its captivating lines, a touch of modern R&B and a dose of indie textures. A slinky, trap-inflected jam that manages to smoulder even as it makes you question your relationship status moving into the warmer months.

Danyiom reflects on this single, saying: “In my song Dreamers, my goal is to get other young people and artists to pursue their dreams and not to be told by anyone that something is unattainable if you work hard and believe in it.”

Turn it up and take a listen below!


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