PhaseOne Goes Big With “Transcendency” LP

Dubstep producer PhaseOne just put out a new LP, Transcendency, and we’re definitely seeing him at his most pure. Spanning thirteen heavy tracks, the LP is unadulterated, simple fun with bass music and we’re all about it.  Featuring a huge diverse range of collaborators from Modestep, Northlane, Koven, Thy Art is Murder, We Are The Free to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, his legions of fans will be treated to some of his finest work to date.

The LP boasts fast thumping basslines and speedy lyrics that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping and demands to be repeated at least once. PhaseOne has made a name for himself by consistently releasing tracks with unique grimy breakdowns and fast, varied beats.

Discussing the release of this project, PhaseOne says: “This has been the biggest musical endeavour I have ever embarked on. I really wanted to do more than another 4 track dubstep EP and really show off my roots and what I’m capable of compositional & from an engineering standpoint. It really allowed me experiment with genres I am known less for producing but at the same time all 13 songs are super cohesive and is a collection of music that I think is pushing lots of boundaries in this scene. I’m super proud of this album and hope you all enjoy!’’ 

Make sure you turn it up below!

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